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Bb Euphonium Yamaha YEP 201S silver

In perfect working condition. The pistons and pumps work smoothly and the compression is very good. The tuning and sonority are frankly good. Aesthetically it is in very good condition, with no significant blows, it may present some small marks. Preserves silver by 95%. We do not deliver mouthpieces with the instruments You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. free shipping We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. International buyers consult shipping costs. www.onmusic.es Technical characteristics. • Bb tuning • Bell: 280mm (11") • Tubing: 14.5-15.5mm (0.571-.610") • Pistons: 3 top action pistons • Silver finish • B flat tuning • Includes case • General pump drain • Brass body

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(May show slight signs of use)
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Tuba Classic Cantabile MardiBrass SIB o DO plastic - Image
Tuba Classic Cantabile MardiBrass SIB o DO plastic New instrument, made of injected plastic (ABS). Durable and economical instrument with very good sound quality and tuning and a very light weight. Tuned in Bb, we can deliver it in C (we carry out a meticulous adjustment of lengths in curves and pumps for a perfect tuning in C, some slight marks may remain on the instrument in the modified parts). Steel pistons and brass sleeve which offers a good glide and durability. Brass leadpipe for a better sound. Available in a wide range of colors Matte Black, Black, Blue, Matte Blue, Gold, Silver, Red, Pink, Orange, Purple, Green. It is delivered with a plastic mouthpiece, our recommendation is to play it with a metal mouthpiece. Color Bb tuning price €1090. In silver or gold €1280 Modification price for DO tuning in colors €1290. In silver or gold €1480 Research shows that non-metallic materials produce a more accurate tone, the polymers it's made of aren't as susceptible to temperature changes so it's less susceptible to tuning changes. Highly recommended instruments for students who are beginning due to their low weight, only 3.5 kg. Also for playing in bands and brass bands on the street or going on a trip. We offer financing. If you want more photos, information or try them, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. Approximate delivery time 15 days. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical characteristics • Body material: ABS plastic, lead pipe and brass machine, very durable • Diameter: 17 mm, Bell diameter: 365 mm • 4 stainless steel Perinet valves • 3 water keys • Black, lightweight briefcase with a large exterior pocket, trolley wheels, and detachable backpack straps. • Plastic nozzle included • Tuba weight: 3.5 kg, • Height: 84 cm, Color: Matte Black, black, blue, matte blue, gold, silver, red, pink, orange, purple, green. Attractive instrument that you would not hesitate to take with you, being able to leave your heavy metal instrument at home without losing sound, tuning or other features. The light weight of the MardiBrass Classic Cantabile Tuba makes this piece a perfect instrument for student or busking. Its robust plastic body combined with corrosion-resistant stainless steel valves and brass neck and hardware make the Classic Cantabile MardiBrass a truly all-round instrument. The insensitivity of the material makes it perfect to take with you anywhere. The tuba, made of ABS plastic, has no problem remaining resting on the sand while the musicians cool off in the sea and it withstands humid climates without problems. This lightweight instrument is delivered in a lightweight black case. It not only offers the ideal protection for the tuba, but also has a large 38x26 cm external pocket for sheet music and accessories. To facilitate transport, the suitcase has two handles, trolley wheels and removable backpack straps.