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compact electroacoustic leguero bass drum

I make compact leguero bass drums, they are electroacoustic, they have a condenser microphone that sounds wonderful for live shows, they are made with white quebracho hoops (traitor from Santiago del Estero, Argentina) which gives it the characteristic sound of the leguero, birch body, fittings oak made by hand, one by one, goat heads, and also have a built-in bracket to attach it to any hardware. These bass drums have a “Mullti kick” function, that is, they can be used both as a bass drum, tom or as a drum bass drum. they sound wonderful. they have a very deep and defined bass and the best of all is that the tuning is very precise, because it is through screws measures 15 and 16 inches include drumsticks and name or logo engraving on the body made in Granada, Spain Shipping to the whole world more info photos and videos whatsapp *********

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tuning key, drumsticks and name or logo engraving

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