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Compresor TC electronic Hypergravity

El HyperGravity Compressor es el eslabón perdido que hará que tu sonido pase de bueno a genial. Incluye nada más y nada menos que tres impresionantes modos de compresión; un innovador compresor multibanda, un compresor vintage y combinaciones de compresión ilimitadas gracias a la función TonePrint. El HyperGravity Compressor es la clave para conseguir ese sonido profesional que ibas buscando con una dinámica más controlada. ¡Pisa este pedal y prepárate para ser una estrella!

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SIMUL-EFFECT PROCESSOR YAMAHA FX-500 Bass/Guitar High-performance effects processor designed to be used with Electric Guitars and Basses. A "chain" of up to 6 "custom" effects can be created, each of them having a good number of adjustable parameters, of great precision and quality. Despite being a digital technology module, it sounds closer to analog pedal effects than current digital processors. Yamaha implanted "natural sound emulator circuit boards" in these modules, thus preventing the effects from having a synthetic sound. COMPRESSOR (COMP): Produces sustain or simple smoothing by compressing the signal so that high levels are suppressed while lows are effectively boosted. Using before other effect groups is particularly effective because it limits the signal to a dynamic range, resulting in an enhanced sound. DISTORTION (DIST): This is a rich, smooth distortion that can be adjusted for an incredible variety of effects. It offers great versatility, from a Blusher sound typical of an Overdrive, to a Heavy, going through Hard Rock. As well as giving you full control over the amount of distortion produced, a variable low-pass filter gives you extensive control over the tone of the distortion. A built-in noise gate function with adjustable trigger level effectively suppresses unwanted noise. EQUALIZER (EQ): 3-band equalization for extensive tone control. Up to 15dB of boost or cut can be applied to the low (280Hz), mid (400Hz to 16kHz) and high (16kHz) bands, and the center frequency of the mid band can be adjusted on a wide scale between 400Hz to 6, 3kHz). MODULATION (MOD): This group contains 4 different effects: • Chorus (Cho). Adds depth and warmth to the sound, similar to that produced by 2 instruments played in unison. • Flanger (Flg). Gives more body and more "Sustain" to the sound, by providing a wide range of delay sounds, optimizing the signals. • Tremolo (Trm). It provides volume oscillation to the sound, it is based on an oscillation in the wave amplitude, a panoramic effect can be created. • Symphonic (Sym); This is a Yamaha proprietary effect, which produces a richer and more complex modulation than the Chorus. It is a wide, sweeping effect that adds a sense of dimension to the sound, that is, stereo depth to the sound of the instrument. REVERBERATION/DELAY (REV): The "Reverberation", "First Reflections" and "Delay" effects are included that simulate in a very real way the acoustics of all types of spaces: different sizes of rooms, theaters, lounges, dining rooms, etc. ... In total there are 13 effects of outstanding quality that make up this section.