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Dangerous Music Source + Panel for Rack Use

monitor controller • The application for use in rack (Dangerous Music Source Panel) is included. • With USB and D/A converter • Connection of 2 pairs of monitors - can also be switched simultaneously • 4 input sources: 2x analog • 1x AES/SPDIF and 1x USB • AES/SPDIF with passthrough port • 2 headphone jacks: monitor output or multiple sources • Analog input 1: 3.5 mm stereo mini jack -10 dBV • Analog input 2: XLR / jack combo connector • USB input with up to 24 bit/192 kHz for Windows and Mac • Max Resolution 24 bits • S/PDIF connector • Maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz • AES/EBU port • Integrated AD/DA converter • Number of analog outputs 2 • Number of monitor inputs (stereo) 2 • Number of entries 2-Track 4

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• The application for use in rack (Dangerous Music Source Panel) is included. • Cabling and network adapter with various applications • Spanish Manual and other informative documents • Illustrative graphics with different applications of the device

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