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mackie sound system

15-inch self-powered speaker and 4-channel table that doubles with its own reverd all mackie in perfect condition very little use is impeccable

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Power cables

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Tascam DP-32SD (B-Stock) The Tascam DP-32SD features eight-track simultaneous recording that can support sophisticated music productions, 32-track multi-playback, and intuitive operation of 12 encoders and 21 faders connected to a 3-inch LCD display. .5" full color. In addition, it is It is equipped with a mastering effect, making it a multitrack recorder (MTR) that can perform professional audio recording and production without the need for computers. A stress-free user interface has been equipped, based on the intuitive operating concept of the PORTASTUDIO series. Multiple full-color LCD screens and self-illuminated buttons offer excellent visibility. Steps have been taken to increase operability, for example faders have been removed from layer structures making operation of all tracks intuitive. Even the channel strip is down. equipped with encoders with LCD screens and unified colors. The operating unit moves in a way that offers stress-free music production. The DP-32SD has 8 XLR-TRS combo inputs that can support multi-microphone recording on drums. Phantom power is also possible, with INPUT H compatible with direct guitar inputs. With dynamic effects, which are essential for high-quality recording, up to 8 effects can be used for each input. In addition, the DP-32SD comes with built-in guitar multi-effects, a tuner, and a metronome, allowing users to complete recording preparations with this device alone. When it comes to mixing, users can quickly mix down with intuitive operation thanks to the DP-32SD's full-color LCD display, encoders, and faders. Available mixing effects include reverbs and spatial effects that can be used to enhance music, resulting in audio as high-quality as professional studio productions. Once the mix is ​​complete, final touches can be added using the built-in mastering effect. From the moment you turn on the device until you master your audio production, the DP-32SD creates a professional production environment without the need for a computer. To ensure a high-quality production environment, outputs and systems have been upgraded.
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Korg MW-2408 Korg MW-2408 Korg has collaborated with the legendary mixer design team of Greg Mackie and Peter Watts to create hybrid/analog mixers that make creative mixing easy. Both the 24 and 16 channel models give you instant analog control over those inevitable live mix emergencies, with impressive sound quality, and more features to satisfy musicians along with the Get the power of high-quality digital technology where it really matters. It is the only small mixer that has mute groups. They allow you to instantly recall different channel combinations for various groups on stage, different songs, sound checks, a solo acoustic track, a drum solo, or different parts of a church service (choir, etc.) . You'll get four group options, each easily programmable and recallable. Some musicians want to hear their own instrument or voice louder on their headphone or stage monitor, a process that is difficult to change on other mixers. SoundLink's Inject function provides a one-knob boost of the full left/right mix on the individual musician's track. Instead of having to change settings for the main mix or use a bus, you have dedicated knobs for two of the Musician's monitor mixes. A SoundLink exclusive! Instead of a generic digital effects processor chip, SoundLink mixers use an exclusive, high-quality, patented Korg chip that draws on decades of Korg experience: twenty-four ultra-realistic digital effects. For example, the six reverb effects include an alternate version of "WARM" and "WARM". - a detail that veteran Korg users will tell you is very useful. Parameters for all effects can be adjusted, saved, recalled, and activated via an optional footswitch. In addition, test tone generators are available for use with the built-in 24-band Spectral Analyzer, which represents another SoundLink exclusive in a mixer in this price range. analog • Input Type: Balanced XLR female and ¼” TRS • HiVolt Mic Preamp: -128dBu E.I.N, -10 to -60 dBU nominal input level; 3KΩ input impedance • Frequency Response to Main Input (at unity gain): +0.5 to -1.5 dBu 20Hz to 20kHz • THD to Main Output (20-20 kHz, unity gain, no