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Muramatsu 9K Gold Flute in perfect condition.

is In very good condition. Aesthetically it does not present any blows or wear on the keys or the body. Its operation is perfect. Head body and leg made of gold, keys made of silver. The shoes are in very good condition, they have been checked, adjusted and ready for sale. The mechanism works smoothly and without noise. Fantastic sound and tuning typical of this brand of flutes in these high-end models. We offer financing. Consult conditions. WE DO NOT SHIP THIS INSTRUMENT. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. If you want more information, photos or try it, contact us. International buyers send an inquiry to find out the shipping costs. Features Model: 9K Built in 9K gold. Head, body and leg in 9K gold. Silver keys. E Mechanism: Yes C leg Keys: Aligned. Ears: stretched out. Case: Yes Muramatsu 9K flute. This Muramatsu flute is built with 9K gold, tube, head and foot, the keys are built in Silver. Thanks to its acoustic characteristics, this Muramatsu Flute is indistinguishable from a flute made of pure platinum.

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(Excellent and without marks of use)
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