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The Photography Continuous Lighting Kit

The Excelvan 2000W Digital Photography and Video Continuous Lighting Kit comes with a Carrying Case, 3 Light Stands, 3 Quick Setup Soft Boxes, 3 4-Socket 12 Light Heads 45w 5500k bulbs and 10x6.5ft. Outline: (3) x Tool Box 19.7 x25.5 (3) x 4 light heads (3) x 82 Tall Studio Shelf (12) x 45W soft white bulb (1) x Boom Boom Reflector Mount: 53 Long Boom Arm + Holder Boom Arm Holder + Sand Bag (1) x 10x6.5ft Backdrop Stand Support System (1) x 10x5ft green non-woven backdrop (1) x 10x5ft White Non-woven Backdrop (1) x 10x5ft black non-woven backdrop This lighting kit is the most affordable kit on the market today. Ideal for product photos as well as such as portraits, costumes, furniture, etc.

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