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Cascos steel series con conexión dual bluetooth y 2.4 GHz. Con cancelación de ruido activa y en el micrófono.

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Cable USB-C, USB-A, jack, wireless base station, dos baterías

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AUDEZE LCD-XC Extra-large 106mm planar drivers tuned for accuracy, built for precision Closed-back design blocks out external noise and prevents microphone bleed in recordings Highly efficient, easy to drive from any interface, console or device Includes our braided OCC copper 4-pin XLR combo cable with single-ended 1/4" adapter and standard LCD travel case Taking the Environment out of the Equation The LCD-XC shares the same drivers and basic construction as the LCD-X, lending it a similar level of detail and transparency. Its closed-back design adds isolation, which lets you to focus as intensely as you need without distraction. When used with Audeze Reveal+ to create an AI-generated map of your own hearing, the LCD-XC puts you inside renowned studios, letting you mix consistently and efficiently from anywhere, regardless of background noise. Accuracy, Transparency, and Efficiency LCD-XC leverages patented Audeze technologies, including Ultra-Thin Uniforce™ diaphragms, Fazor waveguides, and powerful neodymium magnets to deliver extremely accurate and detailed sound. The sophisticated planar magnetic drivers achieve a high efficiency with low impedance, such that LCD-XC can deliver great sound from nearly any device with a headphone output. Together, these innovations enable audio professionals to efficiently get their mix done right in a variety of settings. Designed for Comfort Audeze has improved the LCD-XC over the years, lowering the weight and increasing comfort. It features a suspension headband for even weight distribution, and highly-cushioned premium earpads for support. The neutral tuning and low distortion prevent listening fatigue, so those late-night sessions never have to end.