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Bach Stradivarius 72 Star Trumpet RawBrass

It is in perfect condition both in appearance and use. The pistons and pumps run very smoothly, the compression is maximum. Tuning and sound typical of this brand. Mounts a 72 star bell, ML tubing and standard leadpipe. Made entirely of brass, not combined in brass and nickel silver as usual. It has no dents. RawBrass finish, without dents, repairs or marks thereof. It may have some slight marks due to use. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. They have a 1-week trial and a one-year warranty. Free shipping. We do not deliver mouthpiece. International buyers consult shipping costs. ********* Technical characteristics. RawBrass body finish Tuning B flat (Bb) Clamping ring Yes Normal tuning pumps One-piece yellow brass 72 stella bell, hand hammered Drain Yes, beloved guy Model 180ML72 Light weight Monel Pistons Stradivarius Series 0.459" pipe Tudel 25

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(May show slight signs of use)

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Classic Bb Trumpet TR40S silver NEW Completely new instrument, so both its operation and aesthetic condition are perfect. The pistons and pumps run smoothly and compression is maximum. Very good tuning and sound. Intermediate model. It is a very balanced trumpet, with a powerful, comfortable and versatile sound. It has been reviewed and tuned by our luthier prior to sale. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. You have a 1-week trial and a 1-year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers send an inquiry for shipping costs. Technical description: Bb tuning Finish. Silver. Bell bell: 125 mm brass L caliber 11.8mm Thumb hook for 1st pump tuning. Thumb hook for 3rd pump tuning. Stop screw on pump 3 Stainless steel pistons. Drains in general and 3rd pump. Highly protective, lightweight and rigid case Classic Cantabile's BRASS series instruments are synonymous with extraordinary sound, high-quality finishes and fair prices. Since their introduction, beginners as well as professionals have loved these instruments. The excellent quality is shown in many lovingly made details, which makes these instruments something special. The easy-to-operate pistons and detailed finish provide exceptional, warm sound. The mouthpiece is made of golden brass and the sticks are made of nickel silver. The accessories include a strong case and a mouthpiece. Proven quality So that you can enjoy your instrument for a long time, all Classic Cantabile instruments undergo quality control. This is done in our wind instrument workshop by expert Luthiers. We guarantee perfect condition in a certificate that is supplied with the instrument. Tone quality By using the best materials, Classic Cantabile Brass Bras instruments achieve a pleasant sound in all registers. With these features these instruments are in the quality section in the first rows of their price category.