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ROLAND MV-30 Synthesizer and Musical Studio Module
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ROLAND MV-30 Synthesizer and Musical Studio Module Contains the library of powerful sounds from the Roland D-70 synthesizer based on the Super LA engine which provides a complex level of synthesis. We find dance, rock, alternative, pop, orchestral, band, synthesizers, organs, electric and acoustic instruments, pads, strings, bass, drum kit and percussion, FX and splendid acoustic pianos. The faders on the front panel allow for real-time volume, pan or effects changes. Contains 16 tracks where tracks 1-8 control the internal synthesizer and tracks 9-16 control external instruments. You can use 2 RS-PCM cards simultaneously for additional 8-part multi-timbral samples. The sounds are great and can be manipulated. You can save up to 64 songs and 1024 sounds on a disk! The sequencer is primarily song-oriented, but also offers 20 patterns per song. There are a total of 18 tracks, 1 track for the data mixer (MIDI) and a tempo track that is not designed for notes. The remaining tracks are divided into 8-channel tracks that are permanently assigned to the internal parts of the tone generator and cannot output data to the outside. The last 8 tracks can each record the mixed data of the 16 MIDI channels and be sent via MIDI or routed to the internal sound generator. Each of the 16 grade tracks can optionally be declared as a pattern track and then called up a pattern sequence. The up to 20 patterns in a song can be assigned as RPS phrases to each key (note number) and then manually operated by the RPS function. Adapter with power cord, manuals and the Roland DP2 foot pedal for activating the play/stop function of the unit are provided. It is in perfect working order. The only exception, which does not affect its functionality, is that the Play/Stop key is not operational. The Play/Stop function of the device is therefore performed with the Roland DP2 pedal (included).
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AUDIO INTERFACE Audio interface designed for use with Pro Tools systems, manufactured by Digidesign. It works impeccably and is in very good cosmetic condition. It was rarely used, so it has no marks or scratches. It is delivered with its corresponding power cable. Other connection cables can be provided on request if they are still available and at an economical price. The Pro Tools audio interface has been praised by critics and users alike for its excellent audio quality. Each Pro Tools audio interface provides four channels of high-quality +4dBm balanced analog inputs and outputs; An audio interface, Pro Tools can route up to 16 virtual tracks through 4 discrete analog outputs. Each audio interface also has two assignable channels of AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs/outputs (I/Os), for connection to other digital devices, and digital effects processors. It has a SLAVE CLOCK input and output for synchronization with video and SMPTE slave controllers, as well as with other synchronizers. For example, if more than one interface is used, connect the Slave Clock output of the first interface to the Slave Clock input of the second interface. AUDIO INTERFACE SPECIFICATIONS: · Sampling frequencies: 44 lkHz or 48 kHz; user selectable. · Analog to digital converter: 1 bit Delta-Sigma; Oversampling 64x; 16 bit output. · Digital to analog converter: 18 bits; 8x oversampling. · Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz, ±1dB. · Signal-to-noise ratio: >93dB A/D; >108dB D/A. · Analog levels: +4dBm nominal. 14dBm in Free Space (Headroom). · Maximum analog I/O levels: +24dBm. · THD + N: 0.005% A/D; 0.003% D/A. · Digital I/Os (Input/Outputs): AES/EBU (XLR) or S/PDIF (RCA), user selectable. · Analog audio connectors: Balanced XLR, PIN 2 Hot. · Power requirements: 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (auto switching, 50 - 60 Hz); 16 watts- · Dimensions: 19" external rack mount device; 48.26 x 4.44 x 21.59 cm (W x H x D); · Nice black finish; Weight: 3kg.
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METRONOME CARD M-25 PICK BOY NAKANO by SEIKO TOKIO In excellent condition. Delivered with box and instructions in Spanish. Standard card size: 54 x 86 x 5 mm. (Width x Height x Depth). Weight: 40 gr. Liquid crystal display of the nematic type. Uses CR-2025 3V lithium coin cell, not supplied. The metronome has four touch points with the following functions: • MODE: Change function. • START /STOP: Sounds and silences the metronome. Change the tempo and rhythm. • UP: Speeds up the tempo and increases the rate of the beat. • DOWN: Slows down the Tempo and decreases the frequency of the Rhythm. pressing MODE; for two seconds, the appliance turns off. Pressing again, a number appears on the screen indicating the frequency of the Tempo. With UP and DOWN you can increase or reduce this frequency, between 30 and 240 blows per minute. If you hold it down, the figure changes rapidly. Now press MODE, and under the word Beat a number appears, which indicates the beats of the RHYTHM. You can choose between 0 and 6, pressing UP and DOWN. By pressing MODE again, the word LOCK appears on the screen. It means that the UP and DOWN buttons do not work, so the Tempo and Rhythm are maintained as they have been chosen, and with START / STOP, it is played or silenced at will. Manufactured by “Seiko Instruments Inc” in Tokyo / Japan. It is a renowned manufacturer that uses its cutting-edge technology to be the first of its kind to produce a wide variety of products in the fields of communications and audio. In addition to being the world's leading manufacturer of wristwatches, it also develops and manufactures a wide range of revolutionary products, from consumer items such as electronic dictionaries and portable digital assistants to commercial products such as computer peripherals, electronic components, measuring equipment and analysis, intelligent robots and even timing devices at world-renowned sporting events. All launched products are characterized by the requirement with precision and quality.

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