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At Sounds Market we have a wide variety of grooveboxes and drum machines for sale, for all styles and levels, both beginner and professional DJs and producers.

Find among all our groovebox offers from top brands such as Roland, Native Instruments (Maschine), Akai, Korg, or Novation. Legendary models that have marked an era such as the Roland TR8, and also more accessible or recent models that also serve as a midi controller, such as the Novation Launchpad or the Ableton Push. All cheaper at Sounds Market!

Buy a used groovebox at the best price

Use our secure payment and shipping method to buy and sell grooveboxes between particular users. Sounds Market is the specialized marketplace where to buy or sell musical instruments, DJ gear and music production gear safely, we are rated as the best second-hand marketplace! Join now our community of thousands of musicians all acrosse Europe and start buying and selling on Sounds Market!

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