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Alhambra Black Satin CW EZ Guitar with case
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Alhambra Black Satin CW EZ Guitar with case Description Reviews (0) With the Alhambra Black Satin CW EZ Guitar, the results and quality cannot be other than excellent, and this is demonstrated by the hundreds of users who already enjoy it. The prestige of a business like this is only achieved with great effort and with creations as perfect as possible. Made in Spain, following all this mastery turned into tradition, this guitar represents nothing more and is nothing less than a key musical symbol at the national level. To create these instruments in an artisanal way, it is necessary to follow strict and rigorous control, from the best pieces of wood to the calibration, measurement or varnishing techniques. All this to offer an exquisite instrument at a more than reasonable price, something to which this brand is already very accustomed, since the prices of Alhambra Guitars always stand out for being economical if we take into account the quality of their creations. As a result of the long and meticulous process of creating a guitar of this caliber, a unique, comfortable, light instrument is obtained that successfully passes all the quality tests to which it is subjected. In addition to an unbeatable appearance, the guitar offers a perfectly calibrated sound with very good projection. Being an electrified model, it also offers the option of giving up the microphone and being able to connect the guitar directly to the amplifier. FEATURES OF THE ALHAMBRA BLACK SATIN CW EZ This particular model has a smooth and intense solid cedar top that combines perfectly with the sapelli back and sides. As you can see, this model stands out for its elegant black color, which combined with high-quality materials like those just mentioned, make it the perfect cutaway guitar for those who want a quality instrument at a reasonable price. The Black Satin CW EZ model incorporates a samanguila neck that joins perfectly to the rosewood fingerboard. On the other hand, its tuners are nickel-plated and have a satin finish. Finally, we must highlight that this electroclassical jewel has a cutaway design and is amplified using the Fishman Clasica II system.

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