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La Selmer Saint Louis clarinet in perfect condition
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La Selmer Saint Louis clarinet in perfect condition It is in perfect condition both in appearance and operation. The entire mechanism and wood has been sanded, cleaned, oiled and adjusted, and the wood has been nourished. The sound and tuning are very good, typical of this brand in this model. The mechanism works smoothly, without noise. Mounts left hand Eb key. The wood has no wear, cracks or fissures. The keys retain their entire silver in perfect condition. You have a 1-week trial and a 1-year warranty. Free shipping. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. ********* International buyers send an inquiry for shipping costs. Technical characteristics The Selmer Saint Louis Clarinet is backed by 100 years of technical experience and exchange with artists, being the essence of the Selmer-Paris spirit. It develops great versatility, combining a series of characteristics that allow it to adapt to all styles of interpretation. Selmer's Saint Louis has a rich and open sound, easy emission, wide dynamics, balanced tuning and great projection capacity. The keys are made of maillechort (copper/zinc/nickel alloy), a rigid and extremely resistant metal. An electrolysis treatment is used for plating. • Fingerboard: 442 • Drill: 14.5 mm • Tonality: The • Biconical barrels: 66.5 mm • Barrels: Mozambique ebony bodies and bell (wood stabilized for three years before turning and pressure oil bath). • Mechanism: Boehm Standard system, (17 keys, 6 rings) with left hand Eb lever. • Steel needle springs: watch-type screws, the smallest detail reinforces the effectiveness of the whole. • Leather slippers. • Silver Maillechort keys (copper/zinc/nickel alloy). • Adjustable thumb support. • Male and female spikes with metal bushing. • Luxury double imitation leather case.
Classic Cantabile CLK 10 Bb Clarinet NEW
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Classic Cantabile CLK 10 Bb Clarinet NEW Completely new instrument. Without any use, so its aesthetic and functional condition is perfect. Revised and tuned by our Luthier. Good sound and tuning. The mechanism works smoothly and without noise. Aesthetically it is new, the keys keep the silver without any wear. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. It has a 1-week trial and a one-year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical specifications: Bb tuning Bohëm system, 17 keys, 6 rings Keys: nickel silver plated ABS body in stained wood look Adjustable big toe support including mouthpiece Suva briefcase, light and resistant with transport strap Long Clarinth; approx 68cm Clarinet weight: approx. 735g, Briefcase dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 35 x 10 x 19cm The CLK-10 Bb clarinet has a beautiful appearance and exceptional quality. Typical of Bohëm system clarinets is that it is very clear and rich in harmonics. The key mechanism of the clarinet is made of nickel silver. The Classic Cantabile CLK 10 is a great affordable beginner's instrument due to its quality/price ratio. The body of this beautiful clarinet is made of ABS plastic. A clear advantage of this material compared to wood is its insensitivity to temperatures or temperature changes. That way the CLK-10 is never too cold to play music outdoors. In addition, the clarinet can be cleaned much easier than the wooden version. Since wood has a special charm, the appearance of natural wood has been reproduced on the CLK-10.

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