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Buy used Pioneer DJ gear online

Find Pioneer DJ equipment for a lower price on the secondhand marketplace for DJ, Sounds Market.

There’s no doubt that Pioneer DJ is the most known brand within the DJ segment, alongside with other brands like Technics when it comes to turntablism, Denon when it comes to all-in-one controllers, or Allen & Heath when it comes to mixers. And all that equipment can be found on sale on Sounds Market, the marketplaces for DJ!

Pioneer DJ counts on a large variety of DJ gear of any type for any kind of DJ. If you are a beginner you could be interested on two channel controllers like the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 or the tiny Pioneer DJ DDJ-200. If you are a more experienced DJ, here on Sounds Market you can also find for a lower price most advanced models like the 4-channel Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 or the all-in-one controllers Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 (or RX3), Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR and Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ.

On Sounds Market, you’ll also be able to purchase a couple of a secondhand Pioneer DJ turntables (PLX-1000 or PLX-500), DJ players like the CDJ-2000 NXS2 (the standard on most clubs all around the world), the CDJ-3000 or the XDJ-1000 and XDJ-700, two channels DJ mixers like the Pioneer DJ DJM-250 and DJM-450 or four channel DJ mixers like the Pioneer DJ DJM-750 MK2 and DJM-900 NXS2. Pioneer DJ was renamed AlphaTheta in January 2024.

The marketplace for DJ where to buy and sell Pioneer DJ gear

Why is Sounds Market the right place to trade used Pioneer DJ gear? Because our platform is created by DJ, for DJ. We have a secure way to do safe online payments and a protect way to do the shipping between particular users that makes the difference compared to other not-specialized secondhand platforms.

This is why Sounds Market is rated by our users like the best secondhand marketplace, join now our community of thousands of DJ and start buying and selling secondhand DJ equipment!

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