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Sounds Market is the best second hand electric bass guitars marketplace. Buy here a used bass guitar cheaper and safer than in any other marketplace. Here you can buy or sell a used bass guitar, 4 or 5 strings, with the best brands and models like Fender, Fender Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Gibson bass, Epiphone, Ibanez bass guitar, Yamaha bass, Hofner bass, Music Man, StingRay, Warwick, Squier… Special offer prizes, an excellent value for money and a safe payment method and a specialized instrument delivery system. The best music stores specialized in electric bass guitars also have their new products in Soundsmarket. In Sounds Market you can buy an active or a passive electric bass guitar, second hand, and you also will be part of a great musician community. Thousands of bass players are already part of Soundsmarket’s community. You can also buy a second hand electric bass guitar revised by our professional team, that will give you a warranty for your purchase.

Buy an electric bass online at the lowest price

In Sounds Market we have a safe payment method that allows you to buy and sell used bass guitars between users without risk. You don’t have to worry about scams or any type of fraud. Our revolutionary payment system also allows you to buy something and return it if there’s something wrong without any charge. You have 48 hours to check if everything is fine and then the payment is made. Creating a listing on Sounds Market is incredibly easy. You can join thousands of musicians who are using Sounds Market every day, so don't get left behind and post your ad now to sell an electric bass or any other type of musical instrument, it's free, fast and easy! You can post a listing in Sounds Market. Become a part of this huge bassists community, it's for free, fast and so easy. If you are a bass player and you are thinking about where to buy a used bass guitar, this is your place.

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