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AUDIO INTERFACE Audio interface designed for use with Pro Tools systems, manufactured by Digidesign. It works impeccably and is in very good cosmetic condition. It was rarely used, so it has no marks or scratches. It is delivered with its corresponding power cable. Other connection cables can be provided on request if they are still available and at an economical price. The Pro Tools audio interface has been praised by critics and users alike for its excellent audio quality. Each Pro Tools audio interface provides four channels of high-quality +4dBm balanced analog inputs and outputs; An audio interface, Pro Tools can route up to 16 virtual tracks through 4 discrete analog outputs. Each audio interface also has two assignable channels of AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs/outputs (I/Os), for connection to other digital devices, and digital effects processors. It has a SLAVE CLOCK input and output for synchronization with video and SMPTE slave controllers, as well as with other synchronizers. For example, if more than one interface is used, connect the Slave Clock output of the first interface to the Slave Clock input of the second interface. AUDIO INTERFACE SPECIFICATIONS: · Sampling frequencies: 44 lkHz or 48 kHz; user selectable. · Analog to digital converter: 1 bit Delta-Sigma; Oversampling 64x; 16 bit output. · Digital to analog converter: 18 bits; 8x oversampling. · Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz, ±1dB. · Signal-to-noise ratio: >93dB A/D; >108dB D/A. · Analog levels: +4dBm nominal. 14dBm in Free Space (Headroom). · Maximum analog I/O levels: +24dBm. · THD + N: 0.005% A/D; 0.003% D/A. · Digital I/Os (Input/Outputs): AES/EBU (XLR) or S/PDIF (RCA), user selectable. · Analog audio connectors: Balanced XLR, PIN 2 Hot. · Power requirements: 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (auto switching, 50 - 60 Hz); 16 watts- · Dimensions: 19" external rack mount device; 48.26 x 4.44 x 21.59 cm (W x H x D); · Nice black finish; Weight: 3kg.
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FOSTEX+DIGITAL MULTITRACK RECORDER MIXER DM-8 The Fostex DMT-8 is a Mixing Desk with an 8-track digital recorder editor equipped with an integrated analog mixer with eight input channels and an internal 3.5-inch IDE hard disk with a capacity to store 540 Mb, which it has been replaced by a 20 GB one (allowing several hours of recording). It enables recording and playback of high-quality signals with 16-bit linear quantization and a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, which is equivalent to CD quality. Also great for triggering sequences, choirs, keyboards, etc. live and receive click monitoring and all the tracks to your liking. The unit is in PRIME state. It is in proper working order, little used and has a formidable aesthetic appearance with no marks, scratches or wear of any kind. As if it were new (see real photos). To take advantage of all the possibilities of the device and perform quality work, the "User Manual" is provided in Spanish, since the device was purchased new and the invoice that was delivered to the buyer is still kept. Dimensions: 56.8 cm x 43.2 cm x 12.1 cm (Length, width and height). Weight: 7.5kg. The DMT-8 incorporates many advanced non-linear and non-destructive editing functions in 8 tracks, thanks to its work with a hard disk, which allows you to immediately access any point of the recording and make edits such as copy, paste , cut or delete audio fragments using as reference time values ​​in the form of hours, minutes, seconds and frames (ABS and MTC) or in the form of musical bars. If you make a mistake you can use the Undo functions which will cancel the last edit, restoring the data as it was before editing, while the Redo function will restore the recently canceled edit again. The DMT-8 is also equipped with: • A Jog/Shuttle wheel, a practical dial that allows you to operate quickly. • High visibility backlit FL tube display indicates 8-track and L/R stereo output levels and various Edit and Setup parameters. • A function to save and retrieve song data on an external device on DAT tape. • Plus various auto functions: a 9-point auto cue function, Auto Return and Auto Play functions, and auto punch in/out (including “REHEARSAL” mode, for testing before puncture). The unit can also control and synchronize an external MIDI device (MIDI Sequencer or a Computer with sequencer software) by transmitting MTC or MIDI CLOCK + ”Song Position Pointer” syncs via the internal interface, respecting changes of Tempo and Time signature programmed in the programmable Internal Tempo Map. It can also receive control commands from MMC machines. The analog mixer, integrated in the device, has: • 8-channel analog mixer with capacity for 4 high-quality microphones with 4 mixing groups. Channels 1-4 are provided with a TRIM potentiometer to adjust the input gain between -10 dbV and -50 dbV, ie they have mic preamps. These channels also have inserts so you can connect dynamics processors such as compressors or noise gates. • 2 aux sends (send/return) of effects, this is very useful for adding reverb to monitoring or during mixing. • Each input channel has two parametric equalizers to be able to emphasize or attenuate certain frequencies of the signal with the double parametric equalizer, in addition to the equalization potentiometers for bass (LO) and treble (HI). • The Stereo Sub-Mix Section allows you to mix 16 channels at once. Each input channel has its own SUB MIX section (In-Line type stereo monitor section), which allows you to control a level and its stereo monitor position for each track independently of the channel settings. The rear has: • Expansion bay for SCSI - 18 bit ADC - 20 bit DAC • Digital/optical input and output: S/PDIF • 2 monitor outputs • Stereo RCA output • MIDI In, Out and Thru • L and R bus/subgroup output • MIDI, Digital, Jack and RCA input A link to the manual in English is attached to be downloaded in order to get an idea of ​​its possibilities. ********* Video Demo uploaded to YouTube of an original composition recorded on the FOSTEX DMT-8. All sounds have been recorded analog without computer based software. *********
MESA MEZCLAS FOSTEX DMT-8 + GRABADORA MULTIPISTAS 8-track stereo digital multitrack that records to your internal hard drive in cd quality. Ideal for triggering sequences, choirs, keyboards, etc. live and receive clapperboard monitoring and all tracks to your liking. It has a microphone preamplifier, and apart from being an analog recorder and multitrack it also serves as a digital recorder/editor (with its editing functions: copy/paste, MIDI clock...). Hard drive expanded to 8Gb. - 8 simultaneous independent channels - CD resolution: 44,100 Kb at 16 bits - EQ: lo/hi on each channel - Expansion bay for SCSI - 18 bit ADC - 20 bit DAC - Allows non-destructive editing cut/copy/paste - Digital/optical input and output: S/PDIF - 2 monitor outputs - RCA stereo output - Midi In, Out and Thru - Departure of buses/subgroups Ly R - MIDI input, digital, jack and RCA All the user manuals are available in Spanish, since the device was purchased new and the invoice is still kept. Fostex earned a good name in its day, due to the quality of the components it used at that time, surpassing its competitors such as Roland, Tascam or Yamaha. Not wanting to enter into the concept of "planned obsolescence", I opted to compete in obtaining prestige in the manufacture of their products. Depending on the style that is intended to be performed, and the musical nonsense of each one, this is a good tool that provides a warmer and more natural touch when it comes to capturing the sound of a bass, an electric guitar or human voices, due to the excellent quality used in their preamps. A link is attached to download the manual in English to get an idea. *********

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