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ADAM Audio A77X Monitors (Pair) Black
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ADAM Audio A77X Monitors (Pair) Black I am selling a pair of ADAM Audio A77x that have been given to me by lottery and that I have only used the day they arrived to test their amazing sound. They are immaculate and practically new. My brief review of them is as follows: stereo imaging is spectacular, the bass is incredible, powerful and precise, and every detail of the song you hear is brought out. Truly, the woofers and tweeter are wonderful and it makes listening to music on them a true experience, letting you reinterpret and glimpse details that I had never noticed before in my favorite songs. Now, let's go with the technical data of the A77x (I leave them in English) which is what is interesting and what allows this pair of studio monitors to sound majestically incredible: Tweeters & Woofers: 2" X-ART tweeter Velocity transform ratio 4:1 50W/75W (A/B) Tweeter amplification 2 x 7” Carbon/Rohacell/Glass fiber - Midwoofer 2 x 100W/150W (PWM) Woofer amplification Audio Specs: 38Hz - 50kHz SPL with sine wave 100Hz to 3kHz in 1m (≥114dB) ≥122 dB max peak SPL per pair THD 90dB/1m > 100Hz (≤0.5%) Impedance 30kΩ Front panel: ON-/OFF-switch on button with green light Volume gain (-∞ to +14 dB) on the front panel Rear panel: Tweeter gain (±4dB) on the rear panel High shelf filter EQ >5kHz (± 6dB) on the rear panel Low shelf filter EQ <300Hz (±6dB) on the rear panel XLR & RCA connectors on the rear panel Dimensions: 12.8 Kg / 28.2 lbs (Weight). 235x530x280mm (Height/Width/Depth)

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