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Buy now a pair of second hand studio monitors on Sounds Market, the specialized platform for used audio gear and musical instruments. Find here any kind of studio monitors at the best price: from active speakers for beginners who are creating their first home studio to produce, play or mix from home, to professional studio monitors for recording studios. We count on a large offer of used studio monitors from top brands and models like KRK (Rokit RP5), Adam Audio (T5V, T7V), Yamaha (HS5, HS7), JBL, Genelec, M-Audio, Mackie, Focal or Presonus, between many others. You can find all of those brands of studio monitors in Sounds Market for a much cheaper price than if you buy them new!

The best way to buy used studio monitors

Thanks to our safe payment and logistic method specialized for musical instruments and audio gear, we are rated as the best second hand marketplace. So, if you are about to buy a new pair of studio monitors, you are at the right place!

Studio monitors could be expensive and fragile, so if you want to buy secondhand pair of them, do not trust any platform not specialized and without any experience dealing with this kind of items. We'll take care about doing the right shipping between particular users with all the warranties and assurances as possible to be sure that both parts, buyer and seller, will be happy with their transaction.

If you want to renew your gear, buy your used studio monitors on Sounds Market or sell your old monitors here: you'll only have to create an account, publish your listing and we'll take care of the rest. It's very fast, easy and free! Join our community and start earning money selling your secondhand musical instruments and audio equipment on Sounds Market!

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