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M-Audio is one of the best known brands of studio gear and equipment for music production, with an extensive and complete offer ranging from studio monitors, such as the M-Audio BX5, audio interfaces, such as the M-Audio M-Track or Fast Track, to midi keyboards such as the M-Audio Oxygen 61 or the M Audio Keystation, among many others. M Audio is an American brand that stands out for the excellent value for money of its products, as it is usually one of the brand that offers more affordable prices in midi keyboards, studio monitors or audio interfaces (or sound cards). Even so, thanks to Sounds Market, you can still get cheaper, because you can buy any used M-Audio product, and with the total security and tranquility of using our secure payment and shipping method: we will send your purchase to your home so you can check that everything is in order as described by the seller, and if it is not the case, you can ask for a refund. In addition, we will also manage the transfer of software licenses if your purchase requires it. If you want to sell a pair of used M-Audio BX5 monitors, for example, you can do it with Sounds Market: we'll advise you on packaging and shipping, and we won't charge you any commission for selling!

Used M-Audio studio monitors, interfaces and controllers online

Among all the M-Audio equipment that you can find in Sounds Market, the following products stand out: Studio monitors second-hand M-Audio BX5, whose most recent version are the BX5 D3: these are 5" bi-amplified, 100W active near-field and 5" loudspeaker speakers, with an elegant design and excellent price-performance ratio. A very good alternative and cheaper than, for example, the KRK Rokit 5 or the Yamaha HS5. M Audio also has monitors of smaller size and power, such as the BX3, or on the contrary, of greater power, such as the M-Audio BX8, with an 8" woofer and 150W. Among the audio interfaces, the second-hand M-Audio M-Track and M-Audio Fast Track, as well as the M-Audio Air 192, all of them at very affordable prices, stand out. Another M-Audio specialty is midi keyboards. The most economical line are the M-Audio Keystation, ranging from 25 keys to 88 keys, their mid-range are the M-Audio Oxygen midi, also with versions from 25 to 88 keys, and their highest performance and highest quality midi keyboards are the Code, ranging from 25 keys to the 61 of the M-Audio Code 61. Whatever M Audio equipment you are interested in, buy it cheaper second-hand and with total peace of mind on Sounds Market!

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