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Purchase and sale of used PA systems and amplifiers for live music. At Sounds Market you can buy and sell all kinds of equipment: speakers, mixers (analogue, digital, preamplified...), amplifiers... in all ranges, the best brands and the cheapest prices. Not only can you buy a cheap mixer or used amplifier here, but also the best PA shops sell their products on Sounds Market at bargain and used prices! In addition to buying and selling audio equipment, you can also rent PA equipment (loudspeakers or complete sound systems for your gigs), find rehearsal rooms and recording studios near you and much more!

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At Sounds Market we have a secure payment method to buy and sell sound equipment and Public Address between individuals, with built-in shipping between buyer and seller .

With this convenient payment method you can ask for refunds, and once the buyer has received the product he purchased, he'll have up to two days to check that it is in good condition.

To take into account: equipment that is too large (larger than an upright piano, for reference) or that does not fit in a single package, cannot be transported through our logistics system for now.

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