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Bb Trumpet Yamaha Xeno Artist 9335 NY NEW
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Bb Trumpet Yamaha Xeno Artist 9335 NY NEW Unused instrument, only played for testing. In perfect condition both cosmetically and functionally. It preserves the silver in its entirety without any wear. It has no bumps or repairs. The pistons and pumps work smoothly and the compression is maximum. The tuning and sound are typical of this brand, a professional range model. It is a highly compensated trumpet, with a powerful, comfortable and versatile sound. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers send an inquiry to find out the shipping costs. Technical description • Xeno Artist Series • 4-7/8 inch (123 mm) yellow brass bell, hand hammered. • 11.65 mm (0.459 inch) ML tubing • Wide and bright sound. • Neck Malone MB2 • French ring on the bell • Silver finish. • Gold Brass hand-hammered bell • Water drainage in general pump • Thumb hook on 1st slide tuning slide, ring on 3rd piston tuning slide • Monel Alloy pistons (metal alloy with high durability and corrosion resistance) • It differs from the CHICAGO model in that the pillars and the bell are shorter and all the tubes are slightly closer together. Robert Sullivan was the primary adviser to Yamaha for the NY series project. Sullivan is an outstanding trumpeter, as well as a teacher. The project began when he was Associate Conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and this collaboration ran parallel to the development of Yamaha's CH series of trumpets in Chicago. Technical secrets uncovered during the development of both projects were combined with the goal of expanding Yamaha's knowledge of tone colors, projection, tuning, and all the other essential concepts to create a truly expressive instrument. The bell is one of the most important elements, the thickness of the wall gradually decreases, narrowing as it approaches the edge. The flat rim is wider than most modern trumpet bell rims, helping to maintain sound consistency even under the most extreme dynamics. The bell joint is flush with the pillars to improve tonal projection. The new design of the upper and lower valve covers and the structured interior of the valves greatly contribute to the flexibility of the trumpet's response. In turn, the pillars are smaller, so that the bell, pistons and tube are closer to each other, which gives a natural sound to the trumpet as a whole. The stop of the third valve has been moved to extend the travel of the valve in low F, as well as to facilitate alternative fingerings. The C trumpet features a large knob, located at the end of the slider, which is used to finely adjust the blowing resistance. On the B-flat trumpet, this button is smaller. The tube arrangement is based on Bob Malone's own design (MC1 for C and MB2 for B flat). These tubes are also fundamental components of the trumpet and you will find that the notes fit easily and comfortably in all registers, with exceptionally accurate intonation and an open response.

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