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Selmer Recital Bb clarinet in perfect condition.
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Selmer Recital Bb clarinet in perfect condition. In perfect condition both aesthetically and functionally. New shoes, recently revised, adjusted and set up for sale. The sound and tuning are the same in this brand, even more so in its high-end models such as this one with a big, dark sound and rich in harmonics, with excellent projection and tuning. The mechanism works smoothly and without noise. The wood is in perfect condition, without cracks. The keys keep the silver without any wear. With 18 keys, two barrels (62.5mm and 64.5mm), silver keys and spikes with metallic reinforcement to avoid the feared breakage and cracks in the spikes due to blows. We offer financing. If you want more information or photos contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. Technical specifications: Selmer Recital Clarinet. Specially crafted bore of Mozambique ebony wood particularly selected and expertly worked which gives this instrument a warm, rich, round timbre and exceptional presence. The "Recital" has body measurements 2 mm larger in diameter than the rest of the clarinets The "Recital" has body measurements 2 mm larger in diameter than the rest of the clarinets. • Tonality: Bb • Drill: diameter 14.35mm. • Fingerboard: Bb, two fingerboards (440 and 442). • Barrel: supplied with two barrels, Bb 440, 62.5mm and 64.5mm. Bb 442, • System: Boehm Standard (18 keys, 6 rings), • Bodies: barrels and bell in natural ebony. • Keys: in silver maillechort. • Adjustable thumb support. • Slippers: leather • Male and female nipples with internal metallic bushing. • Springs: steel needle (stainless)
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Second-hand Selmer saxophones

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Henri Selmer Paris is a French company founded in 1885 in Paris, well known for manufacturing brass and woodwind instruments of the highest quality, as well as mouthpieces and reeds for these instruments, with a sound that, at least in the case of the saxophone, ended up becoming the reference sound around the world. Proof of this is that some jazz and saxophone legends chose to use Selmer instruments, such as Charlie Parker or John Coltrane, among many others. Some of the most emblematic models of Selmer Paris saxophones are the Selmer Supreme, or the Series II and Series III. Whichever one you want to buy, do not hesitate and buy it cheaper second hand at Sounds Market.