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Buy secondhand DJ gear for lower prices with total confidence on Sounds Market, the specialized marketplace for DJ. We are the best rated secondhand platform according to the members of our community who have already bought or sold DJ equipment using our secure payment and shipping method! On Sounds Market you can find any kind of DJ turntable for sale from any brand: from classic and professional models like Technics SL-1200, Technics SL-1210, Pioneer PLX-1000… to more accessible models like Pioneer PLX-500, Reloop RP-7000, Reloop RP-8000, Reloop RP-4000, Audio-Technica DJ turntables… or even turntables for beginners like the Reloop RP-1000 or Akiyama turntables for sale.

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If you love turntablism, then you're going to love Sounds Market. Why? Because it's a marketplace for DJ, created by DJ. We know the product we are dealing with, we know it could be really expensive, and we know it's very fragile. This is why we created a totally secure way to buy and sell DJ turntables online. As a buyer, when you decide to purchase a pair of secondhand turntables on Sounds Market, we'll safely retain your money until you receive it at your place. Once you have received, you'll have 48h to check if everything is ok according to the details on the listing, and if it's not the case, we'll refund you. As a seller, there's no better place where to list your DJ equipment for sale. Create an account and publish your DJ turntables for sale on Sounds Market, it's totally free, easy and fast; once someone sends you an offer, if you accept it, we'll take care of the logistic and we'll personally help you to prepper the package and take care of the shipping. Join now our community of thousands of DJ buying and selling on our specialized marketplace on Europe, welcome to Sounds Market!

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