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Buy and sell Numark DJ gear at Sounds Market, the pre-owned marketplace for DJs, musicians, and music producers. Thanks to Sounds Market, you can buy a cheaper Numark because it's second-hand, but without any danger or worry: we send it to your house so you can test it, and if there are any problems, we'll give you your money back. If what you want is to sell a second-hand Numark, Sounds Market is also the ideal platform for you: in a matter of minutes you can post for free the ad for, for example, your Numark Party Mix controller, Numark NV2 (or Numark NVII), Numark Mixtrack Pro or Platinium, and thus it will be available to thousands of DJs interested in buying it from you. When they buy it from you, we will take care of sending it to the buyer, managing the entire shipment, and we will deposit the money into your bank account without charging commission. Selling on Sounds Market is easy, free and safe, for a reason it is the second-hand platform best rated by its customers!

Buy used Numark DJ controllers and mixers online

Numark is an American company founded in 1971 that manufactures and sells DJ equipment. It is one of the best-known brands in the sector, thanks to the fact that its products are very accessible and good value for money, although it is true that they are more aimed at an amateur or beginner DJ profile and not so much at a professional DJ. . Although it is true that Numark has DJ mixers such as the Numark M6 or the Numark Scratch, its specialty is DJ controllers, among which the following models stand out: On the one hand, the Numark Party Mix (its most recent version is the Party Mix MK2, although it also has the Party Mis Live with built-in speakers), a very cheap controller, small in size, with two channels and with the particularity that it has Integrated LED Show Lights. Another well-known controller of his is the Numark NVII (or Numark NV2), a stand-alone, four-channel controller with two color screens and intended for use with Serato software. Within Numark's high-end range, one of its most recent models also stands out, the Numark Mixstream Pro, with two channels, a 7” color screen and speakers, in addition to having Wi-Fi music streaming. The Numark Mixtrack Pro and Platinium are also two ideal controllers for beginners, which along with the others, you can buy cheaper and with total security in Sounds Market.

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