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Mpf Hi Gain 30/15
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Mpf Hi Gain 30/15 Mario Punsola, its creator, called it a Hi-Gain combo, in fact it is nothing more than a preamp very similar to the classic 12 W reverb (in fact they are brothers), but with twice the power, yes, also switchable to 15 W. And the previous mythical Hybrid, which is nothing more than the father of the current Shaman. Whoever is looking at this ad knows very well what these amps are about, they are something unique and handmade, made with love and patience, with bombproof reliability and most importantly, made by one of the most important "gurus" of Europe at the professional audio level, Mario Punsola. Soldered point to point, made entirely by hand, this class A offers a tone unmatched by other amps on the market, unless you want to spend €3,000 or more. Channel 1 is clean as silver with a strat, but with that soft purr at midrange, like old Fender Black Face, beautiful, if we press it, especially with a good "les Paul" we have a great rock tone . Channel 2 is already tougher, reaching gains worthy of a Rectifier, going through the usual "Marshaleo", but more like "plexi" than "800" or "900". That tone that only level amps have. Of course it comes with the pre-change pedal. A high quality amp, very, very powerful, since its 4 6V6 JJ give it an amazing cannon shot, worthy of any amp of 60W or more. The possibility of switching it to 15 W. makes it somewhat more versatile. Pick up in hand I do not make shipments... I could accept exchange for some small combo type jcm or plexi hot roded suitable for home and rehearsals, I would also be interested in the victory V4 the sheriff amp 180w... I am considering offers of combos and amplifier pedals light things for health reasons but good sound. Thanks greetings!

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