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Second hand guitar amplifiers, occasion amplifiers and vintage guitar amplifiers, exclusive discounts and cheaper amplifiers. No matter what kind of amplifier are you looking for (valves amplifier, transistors amplifier or hybrid amplifier), the format that suits you better (it could be a combo or a header-speaker kit), Sounds Market is the best music instruments marketplace to buy a guitar amplifier and any type of accessory that a guitarist might need. An electric guitar player usually needs two amplifiers, a small amplifier to rehearse or play in house and a big one to play at gigs. In Sounds Market we have models by the best brands, second hand and occasion amplifiers supplied by the best guitar and amplifier stores. Find brands like Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange amplifiers, Mesa Boogie, Yamaha, Blackstar or Roland, amateur or professional, no matter your level.

Used guitar amplifiers for sale online

This marketplace works with a built-in safe payment method, to buy and sell amplifiers or any type of second hand musical instruments and accessories. Moreover, we have a specialized delivery system designed for this kind of product. Our safe payment system also allows you to return the product. You have 48 hours since you receive the purchase to check it and return it if something is wrong or defective. Thousands of guitarists already use Sounds Market to buy and sell gear everyday. ¿What are you waiting for? Sign up, it’s easy, fast and for free!

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