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The American brand Mesa Boogie has been making top quality amplifiers and sound equipment for guitars and basses since 1969. Also known as Mesa Engineering, it was started by Randall Smith as a small repair service specializing in Fender combo amps. Randall's modifications gave Fender amps a higher input gain and a much richer harmonic tone, so they began to become popular with great musicians of the time such as Carlos Santana. He was the first to realize the potential of the Mesa Boogie amps, when he witnessed one of Randall Smith's tests in front of his store and was impressed by their power and small size. Patrick Burke was the first bassist to order a Mesa Boogie bass amp in 1971. It was at that time that Smith built the Snakeskin Mesa 450, his first Mesa bass amp as well as the first official Mesa Boogie amp.

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Mesa Boogie began its success when Randall Smith experimented with building a preamplifier with an extra vacuum tube gain stage, creating the first high gain amplifier. From this design he launched the Mark I in 1972, of which several models were produced with different variations until the Mark II in 1978. Other Mesa Boogie's that have come to fame are the Mesa Boogie M180/190 and the Strategy Series, the small Dual Caliber Series or the powerful Rectifier Series. If you are looking for a tube amp with a harmonically rich sound, Mesa Boogie amps are a guarantee of quality and have an impressive sound and power that is hard to match by any other amp brand. If you also want to save money, don't hesitate to buy your second hand Mesa Boogie through Sounds Market, the best valued by users specialized buying and selling website for musicians. The totally secure payment method between individuals, the shipping system specially adapted for fragile instruments and our personalized tracking of each transaction will make your purchase comfortable and reliable so you don't have to worry at all.