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Behringer X32, Behringer X18, Behringer X Touch or Behringer C1 second hand on Sounds Market, the website specialized in buying and selling second hand musical instruments and sound equipment. Sounds Market is the second hand web site best rated by its customers, besides being the safest: until the buyer does not receive his purchase and test it, we do not pay the money to the seller, who on the other hand, we do not charge any commission for selling, for example, Behringer speakers or a Behringer mixer as the X32, one of its most prominent models.

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Behringer is a German company created in 1989 with the mission to make professional audio accessible to the masses. Following this premise, Behringer manufactures and sells mixing consoles, speakers, microphones, synthesizers, audio interfaces... (and much more!) much cheaper than the rest of its competitors. Let's see below what Behringer's flagship products are: If you want a Behringer mixer, its best-known models currently are the X 32 (a 32-channel digital mixer with built-in display), although it has other much more accessible models with fewer channels and features, such as the Behringer Xenyx. Among its DAW controllers we highlight the Behringer X Touch, ideal for using a DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro...) in studio or live, as it is a universal controller. Behringer speakers are also well known, with affordable models such as the B115D or the Behringer Eurolive. If we take a look at the microphones, Behringer has one of the most accessible models on the market, as is the Behringer C1, a condenser microphone designed for studio and live. Other Behringer instruments that are very successful for their price (inspired by more expensive equipment from other brands such as Roland or Moog) are the Behringer RD 9 drum machine, the Behringer TD3 or the Behringer Poly D, a four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer. In short, Behringer is a brand that fulfills its mission to democratize professional sound equipment thanks to its much more accessible prices, with products whose quality has greatly improved and that meet expectations.

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