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Stomvi Master Titanium C Trumpet
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Stomvi Master Titanium C Trumpet In perfect condition both aesthetically and in use. The pumps run smoothly and the pistons work with great precision, the compression of pumps and pistons is maximum. This model comes with two leadpipes (1 and 3), two tuning elbows (25 and 27), and two bells (25 silver bellflex and 27 lacquered). The trumpet has a great sound and very good tuning typical of a trumpet in this range. Silver body. The bathroom is in very good condition, with no knocks, wear, repairs or marks. It may present some slight marks due to use. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. We do not deliver mouthpiece You have a 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers consult shipping costs. ********* Technical specifications. Pipe: L Bells: 25 silver bellflex and 27 lacquered Silver body Pistons. Monel Drains: General pump and 3 Pump tuning devices 1 and 3. Tuning elbows: 25 and 27 Pipes: 1 and 3 Titanium plug set The Stomvi Master Trumpet is the result of the evolution of the first product with which more than 30 years ago Stomvi began the adventure of building innovative instruments of the highest quality. Of course, the Master trumpet has evolved over these three decades and, far from withdrawing from the market, it has managed to create a modern instrument, with its own personality, characterized by its versatility, power and sound quality. It has a peripheral, deep and round sound; Even in the forte, it always retains a healthy and rich return, full of harmonies and nuances. The Master trumpet comes with two bells, two leadpipes and two tuning curves, each of which has its own numbering. With this design, the air circulates very smoothly, without any interruption, the emission is very precise and very close, the flexibility is perfect from the low register to the high register, ideal for all music that does not need to be played in an aggressive way, but with exact precision. The musician who purchases a Master trumpet gets an instrument that can adapt to his needs thanks to the different bends, leadpipes and bells, and the possibility of choosing materials and alloys. The great and incomparable versatility of these trumpets allows the performer to enter different musical styles, modifying leadpipes, tuning curves and pitch...
Yamaha 632 Bb Trumpet in perfect condition.
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Yamaha 632 Bb Trumpet in perfect condition. In perfect working condition. All pumps come out smoothly. The pistons work quickly, without friction and the compression is very good. It has been reviewed and prepared for sale. Aesthetically, it has no dents, repairs or marks. Lacquered finish. It may have some small marks due to use, which in no way affects its operation, tuning or sound. It is an original trumpet, all the parts are original. Model manufactured in the 1970s, it was Yamaha's professional range until the subsequent development of the 8 series. Predecessor of the current Bobby Shew 8310Z and 6310Z models. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. You have a 1-week trial and a one-year warranty. Free shipping. We do not deliver mouthpiece. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical description Bb tuning red brass bell red brass pipe M gauge: 11.3mm, 0.445") Bell 127mm, 5” Clear lacquer finish Corrosion resistant Monel pistons Direct pass reverb leadpipe Tuning rings on pump 1 and 3 The 632 models were built between 1968-1967 and were the precursors to the current Bobby Shew model (8310Z and 6310Z). Designed by R. Schilke with leadpipe and bell made of Red brass. It features the perfect amount of air resistance to allow you to color the sound, exactly the way you want. Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and smoother airflow, allowing for excellent versatility and reduced drag. We must not forget that Yamaha is a leading brand in the wind sector, being one of the most demanded by bands, music schools, conservatories and concert performers. With many years of experience, the Japanese entity represents a very important role as a manufacturer of musical instruments, supplying hundreds of thousands of students and satisfying their needs during their learning.
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Trumpet Bb Cantabile ABS injected plastic - Image
Trumpet Bb Cantabile ABS injected plastic New instrument, made of injected plastic (ABS). Durable and economical instrument with very good sound and tuning quality. Available in various colors Red, Blue, Purple, etc… Other colors please check availability. Aluminum pistons and brass sleeve, which offers good sliding and durability. Internal brass leadpipe for better sonority. Megaton type mouthpiece gives stability to the sound compared to other mouthpieces made of this material. Research shows that non-metallic materials produce a more accurate tone, the polymers you're with. Made are not as susceptible to temperature changes so it is less susceptible to pitch changes. Highly recommended instruments for students who are starting out due to their low weight, only 500Kg. Also to play in bands and brass bands on the street or go on a trip. We offer financing. If you want more photos, information or try them, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free Shipping ********* International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical characteristics • Trumpet tuned in B flat made of ABS plastic • Diameter: 11.6 mm, Ø bell: 129 mm. • Perinet coated aluminum pistons • Brass piston sleeve, includes nozzle and cleaning kit • Black lightweight case with exterior pocket and backpack straps • Precise but warm tone • Tuning little affected by temperature changes • Tuning: General bomb and bomb 3. • Drain keys: Boba general . • Weight: Approximately 500g. • Plastic megaton nozzle.
Alto Saxophone Classic Cantabile AS 450 Lacquered NEW
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Alto Saxophone Classic Cantabile AS 450 Lacquered NEW New instrument. In perfect condition both in appearance and use. It has been revised and adjusted for sale. The ergonomic mechanism works smoothly and without noise. The tuning and sound are very good, with a clean tone and a very easy response. Gloss lacquered finish. Despite being a study instrument, its quality makes it comparable to other semi-professional saxes. Magnificent value for money. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos or try it, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical description • Made of brass, with transparent lacquer • High F# key • Full and warm sound • Very ergonomic key mechanisms, easy response • Good tuning • Metal resonators • Mother-of-pearl key pushers. • Artist engraving of the logo on the hood • Incl. lightweight backpack type case If you are looking for a saxophone that is worth more than its price, this is your instrument: easy response, clean tone, lacquer and accessorized. The Classic Cantabile Brass AS-450 Alto Saxophone is a compact and easy-to-play instrument. The lid mechanism is ergonomic grip, easy to use and reacts uniformly, quickly and cleanly. The instrument's sound is excellently clear for this price range, balanced and consistent, while providing a nice, warm sound. The very light and easy response makes this saxophone an ideal choice for saxophone newbies as well. Made of high quality brass and clear lacquered. The key buttons and the engraved bell add beauty to the instrument. Light and resistant case with storage compartments offers optimal protection for your instrument and is practical to carry as a backpack. Supplied with neck and mouthpiece

Second-hand Yamaha musical instruments

Buy used Yamaha instruments much cheaper than if they were new, but with total peace of mind and confidence thanks to the secure payment and shipping method of Sounds Market, the site specialized in buying and selling second hand instruments for musicians. Yamaha is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world, being a reference brand in key, string, wind and percussion instruments, as well as in audio and mixing. Buying second-hand Yamaha instruments is a very smart option, since it is much cheaper than buying new, and you also contribute to the environment with a much more sustainable consumption model, for example, giving a second life to a Yamaha piano, instead of buying a new one in a store. Following the same example, we will make sure that the Yamaha piano you buy arrives to you in good condition! Customers who have already bought and sold on Sounds Market couldn't be more satisfied, that's why they rate us as the best second hand site. Instruments are expensive and fragile, not just any buying and selling app will do, you must trust the experts, that is, us!

Used Yamaha musical instruments and audio equipment for sale

As we mentioned, Yamaha is the brand that sells more musical instruments in the world. In addition, the Japanese brand is also a leader in other very different sectors, such as motorcycles. Its origins, of course, lie in music, hence the three tuning forks in its logo. But back to instruments, Yamaha makes a wide variety of instruments, and many of them are a reference in the industry. These include studio monitors, such as the Yamaha HS5 or HS7, or digital pianos such as the Clavinova series and acoustic pianos, both in-wall and grand. As far as guitars are concerned, there are legendary models such as the Yamaha SG or the popular Yamaha Pacifica. Not to mention Yamaha saxophones, trumpets or acoustic drums. Whatever you want from Yamaha, make an efficient, safe and responsible second-hand purchase, only at Sounds Market!

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