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Bb trumpet Yamaha Xeno 8335RG in perfect condition
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Bb trumpet Yamaha Xeno 8335RG in perfect condition It is in perfect cosmetic and functional condition. The pistons and pumps work smoothly and the compression is maximum. The tuning and sound characteristic of this brand. Aesthetically it is in perfect condition, without blows, repairs or marks thereof. It preserves the lacquer in its entirety in very good condition. It may present some slight marks due to use. copper bell. Heavyweight ML gauge. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. free shipping International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical characteristics. • Series: Yamaha Custom Xeno • Neck: Reversible (R) • Tonality: Bb • Bell: a piece of yellow brass, 123 mm. • Bell: hand-hammered in Gold Brass (COPPER) • ML gauge: 11.65 mm (0.459 inches) • Tuning slide thumb hook 1. • Tuning ring tuning pump 3. • Monel pistons. • Heavyweight • Main pump drain cock and 3. • Finish: Silver. • 3rd pump with stop position. Yamaha's Xeno series trumpets are perfect for players who want a full, warm sound in addition to power and projection. The Xeno series trumpets are the result of more than thirty years of research, during which we have had the invaluable help of great musicians from all over the world. We have embodied the dreams, experience and talent of these musicians in these trumpets, and we have achieved it thanks to the knowledge and ideas of some of the best designers and craftsmen on the planet. Traditional craft techniques, combined with innovative manufacturing technology, have resulted in an instrument of extraordinary quality and exceptional consistency. The heavy construction of the Xeno series models offers a solid tonal range that in turn produces a rich and strong sound, which will not dissipate or break up under any circumstances. Although the blow is free and comfortable, the air resistance is still sufficient for a quick response and exceptional tonal flexibility. The hand-hammered one-piece bell also contributes to this agility and rapidity of response and to the beauty of the tone. The Xeno Series Bb trumpets offer a choice of bore sizes: Medium/Large for versatility and Large for a big sound with plenty of power. In addition, the Bb and C trumpets also offer several options for bell material: yellow metal for a clear sound with powerful projection, and gold brass for a warmer, deeper sound.
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Second-hand Yamaha musical instruments

Buy used Yamaha instruments much cheaper than if they were new, but with total peace of mind and confidence thanks to the secure payment and shipping method of Sounds Market, the site specialized in buying and selling second hand instruments for musicians. Yamaha is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world, being a reference brand in key, string, wind and percussion instruments, as well as in audio and mixing. Buying second-hand Yamaha instruments is a very smart option, since it is much cheaper than buying new, and you also contribute to the environment with a much more sustainable consumption model, for example, giving a second life to a Yamaha piano, instead of buying a new one in a store. Following the same example, we will make sure that the Yamaha piano you buy arrives to you in good condition! Customers who have already bought and sold on Sounds Market couldn't be more satisfied, that's why they rate us as the best second hand site. Instruments are expensive and fragile, not just any buying and selling app will do, you must trust the experts, that is, us!

Used Yamaha musical instruments and audio equipment for sale

As we mentioned, Yamaha is the brand that sells more musical instruments in the world. In addition, the Japanese brand is also a leader in other very different sectors, such as motorcycles. Its origins, of course, lie in music, hence the three tuning forks in its logo. But back to instruments, Yamaha makes a wide variety of instruments, and many of them are a reference in the industry. These include studio monitors, such as the Yamaha HS5 or HS7, or digital pianos such as the Clavinova series and acoustic pianos, both in-wall and grand. As far as guitars are concerned, there are legendary models such as the Yamaha SG or the popular Yamaha Pacifica. Not to mention Yamaha saxophones, trumpets or acoustic drums. Whatever you want from Yamaha, make an efficient, safe and responsible second-hand purchase, only at Sounds Market!

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