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The Yamaha HS7 is a 2-way active near-field monitor with 95W of power (60W from its 6.5" woofer and 35W from its 1" tweeter), with a bi-amplified bass reflex system and a frequency response of 34Hz - 30kHZ. Its dimensions are 210x332x284mm and it has a weight of 8.2 Kg. It is a medium-sized black loudspeaker, although you can also buy the white Yamaha HS7, which is practically identical in design to the Yamaha HS5, the HS5 being a smaller and less powerful monitor, designed for smaller spaces. The HS7 stands out for its very accurate sound reproduction, especially in the low frequencies, and as the woofers are not too large, it is ideal for small studios and a very good value for money choice. It is clear that the Yamaha HS7 has very good reviews, but where can you buy it at the best price?

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