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Second-hand Yamaha HS5 studio monitors

The Yamaha HS5 are one of the best studio monitors in quality-price ratio, and in Sounds Market you can buy them second hand and therefore cheaper, but at the same time with all the security and tranquility of doing it in the safest and best valued buying and selling platform by its customers. If you buy your HS5 speakers in Sounds Market we send them to your home so you can test them and check that everything is correct as described by the seller, and if it is not the case, we will give you your money back, we make sure that each Yamaha HS5 monitor is well packed to make a safe shipment! So whether you want to buy a single Yamaha HS5 speaker, or you want the HS5 speaker pair, or you want to sell it, don't hesitate twice and trust Sounds Market.

Used Yamaha HS5 speakers for sale online

The Yamaha HS 5 are a pair of monitors that are often compared to other models such as the KRK Rokit 5 or even the Yamaha HS7, although the main difference with the latter is that they are larger and therefore have more power and can be used for larger spaces or home studios. The Yamaha HS 5 is a near-field studio monitor with a 5" Woofer of 45W, and a 1" Tweeter of 25W, with dimensions of 170x285x222mm and a weight of 5.3Kg. It is an active speaker that has been on the market for some time and has established itself as one of the industry standards, with a sober design and inspired by the 100 years designing pianos by Yamaha, with black monitor and white woofer, although it is also possible to find the Yamaha HS5 in white. They are studio speakers that stand out for a smooth response and a great dynamic capacity in a wide frequency range. An excellent choice for small rooms or studios, and thanks to Sounds Market you can buy them cheaper when buying second hand.

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