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EGMOND Telstar 1960 Electric Guitar
 - Image
EGMOND Telstar 1960 Electric Guitar Authentic electric guitar for collectors or vintage lovers. Egmond Telstar model in ivory color, with its serial number, made in Holland in the 60s. In the 1950s and 1960s, Egmond electric guitars were popular with hobby musicians and bands, especially in Europe. Although they were not as well known as other prominent brands of the time, some bands and musicians used Egmond guitars in their performances and recordings. It's important to note that Egmond was an affordable and accessible brand, so they were often chosen by beginners and musicians on tight budgets. Some of the groups and musicians known to have used Egmond electric guitars include: The Beatles: Before achieving worldwide fame, The Beatles, then known as The Quarrymen, used Egmond guitars in their early performances. John Lennon and George Harrison played Egmond in their early years as a band. The Kinks: Although they later became famous and successful, the members of The Kinks used Egmond guitars in their early days as a band. The Hollies: Another famous British band, The Hollies, have been known to play Egmond guitars on some of their early work. The Rolling Stones: Before achieving their status as rock legends, members of The Rolling Stones used Egmond guitars in their early performances. Importantly, many of these bands eventually switched to better-known, higher-quality brands as they progressed in their careers and found success. However their beginnings, Egmond guitars will provide an affordable and viable option for these emerging musicians. Today, due to their vintage and collectible nature, Egmond guitars are mostly found in the hands of collectors, vintage instrument enthusiasts, and lovers of musical nostalgia.
DV MARK DV 40 112 Tube Guitar Amplifier - Image
DV MARK DV 40 112 Tube Guitar Amplifier Price somewhat negotiable. 40 Watt Valve Combo, with 2 Channels and Reverb. Designed in Italy by Marco Di Virgilio and manufactured in Indonesia. Purchased in 2018 without ever leaving my studio, used only at home. Completely new and without marks. Virtually new valves. Installed by "Cowface custom amps", switch to switch between "pentode-triode", in order to be able to play at home (40 watts in pentode and about 24 watts in triode) but still too much power to play at home (sale reason ), although in triode it gains a lot of "warmth" at low volume. Channel 2 is an overdrive circuit, that is, an overdrive pedal, but with gain, volume and bass, mid and treble EQ controls. CHARACTERISTICS : -40/24 watt pentode/triode) -2 Channels with Gain, volume, mid-bass and treble controls per channel, as well as presence and Reverb for both channels. -Preamp valves: 1ECC83 -Power valves: 1 ECC83+2 EL34, quality brand: JJ - Solid State Rectification - State-of-the-art digital reverb, with a warm and natural sound. - General reverb and presence controls for both channels - Voltage selector, 120/240volts to be able to play in any country without the need for a transformer - Effects loop with 0/-15 dB switch on delivery - Input for channel change pedal and Reverb on/off (Footswitch) - Speaker outputs for 4 ohm (8+8ohms), 8 ohm and 16 Ohm. - 1 12" Custom "DV Mark Neoclassic" Neodymium Speaker with 8 0hm impedance - Measurements: (width-height-depth) 48.5cm-58cm-27cm - Weight: 16.2 kg, super featherweight for a 40 watt Valve amp Manufacturer page link: Review links: Store links:*********7154.html

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