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Buy cheaper second-hand Gibson guitars and basses

Buy a second-hand Gibson guitar on Sounds Market, the page specialized in buying and selling between individual musicians. When buying a Gibson guitar or bass at Sounds Market, it will not only be cheaper, but it is as safe an alternative to buying it new from a store, since we take great care of shipments guitars and basses between individuals, plus when you receive it at home you can try it and check that everything works correctly as described by the person who sold it to you. Therefore, thanks to our secure payment and shipping method, it is impossible to be scammed or buy a guitar in poor condition. If what you want is to sell a Gibson guitar or bass, Sounds Market is the ideal platform for you, since posting an ad is free and will only take a few minutes, we will manage the shipping and we do not charge any sales commission.

Much more than the Gibson Les Paul

Gibson is a brand with a lot of history and popularity, both for the high quality of its guitars and for the rock stars who have played them (Slash, Angus Young or Jimmy Page, among many others). The Gibson Les Paul is possibly Gibson's best-known guitar, but the brand goes much further than that. Also very well known is the Gibson SG, which although initially conceived as an evolution of the Les Paul, ended up being an independent model. Other Gibson models stand out, such as the Firebird or Explorer, as well as the ES 335, with a semi-hollow body, a midpoint between wide-body electric guitars ideal for jazz for its warmer sound, and the solid-body guitars that began to proliferate in the 50s and ended up being the epitome of the electric guitar. Gibson basses and acoustic guitars also stand out for their quality, as well as for their high prices, just like the Gibson Les Paul or Gibson SG electric guitars. Therefore, if you want to buy a second-hand Gibson guitar or bass, don't think twice and do it on Sounds Market, the specialized, safest and best valued platform, because it will be cheaper.

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