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Second hand Gibson ES 335 electric guitars

Buy your next guitar at Sounds Market, the website made by and for guitarists to be able to buy and sell second-hand guitars safely. If you want to buy a second-hand Gibson ES-335 on our website, we will send it to your home and you can test it and check that everything is correct; If this is not the case, you can request a refund of your money. Sounds Market is a platform specialized in shipments of high value and fragile musical instruments, such as a Gibson ES 335 electric guitar, so if you want to buy or sell it second-hand, put yourself in our hands, those of the experts . Our clients already value us as the best website, and the safest, for second-hand buying and selling.

What to know before buying a Gibson ES 335?

The ES-335 was the first semi-hollow body guitar in history, released in 1958 no more and no less. It was created because the recently introduced solid body Gibson Les Paul had a very deep resonance. unlike previous hollowbody electric guitars, the latter being warmer and rounder. Thus, a midpoint between solid body and hollow body guitars was sought, the result being the Gibson ES 335. Despite being such a classic electric guitar, it could be said that, without having the success of other Gibson models such as the Les Paul or the SG, it has aged well, in part thanks to having passed through the hands of myths of guitar as disparate as B.B. King (his Gibson was nicknamed “Lucille”) or Dave Grohl (leader of the Foo Fighters and ex-Nirvana drummer. His Gibson ES 335 signature model is nicknamed DG 335). Like the rest of Gibson guitars, it has had and still has its different versions, such as the ES 345 or the ES 355, and different ranges. It's a high-priced guitar, but if you can't afford it, you can always opt for an Epiphone ES 335, a much more affordable brand and model that belongs to the same group as Gibson.

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