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The largest variety of second-hand Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ controller listings for sale on the website specialized on safe second-hand DJ equipment buy and sell between individuals. At Sounds Market you can buy a second-hand Numark Mixtrack Pro from another person through our secure purchase method, which includes a protected and guaranteed shipment, and which allows you to test it calmly and comfortably once you receive it at home. to be sure that everything is in order and that it works perfectly. And if that's not the case, don't worry, because we'll send the Numark back to the seller, and we'll give you your money back. In addition, we will also take care of managing the transfer of the software license, in this case Serato DJ, from the seller to the buyer. Safer, impossible! When you buy or sell second-hand at Sounds Market, you are contributing to a much more sustainable consumption model than buying new, since you will be giving the controller a second life. If you want to make a leap in quality to your DJ Set and decide to put your second-hand Numark Mixtrack Pro FX up for sale in order to buy another model with higher features, Sounds Market is also the ideal place for you: you can publish your ad in question of a few minutes, it is totally free, we manage the shipment to the buyer (we come to pick up the controller at your home!) and we do not charge you commission for the sale.

Second-hand Numark Mixtrack Pro FX DJ Controller

The Numark Mixtrack Pro (and also the Mixtrack Pro 3 and Mixtrack Pro 2 versions) is an ideal DJ controller to get started in the world of DJing, at an excellent value for money. It has two channels and two large 6” jogwheels, it has a built-in 24-bit digital audio interface, 16 pads… and it also allows you to stream the music you want from SoundCloud or Tidal through Serato DJ Lite. Don't think twice because if you're just starting out, the Numark Mixtrack Pro FX may be exactly what you need. Buy it now cheaper and safely at Sounds Market!

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