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Find on Sounds Market the widest variety of second-hand DJ Rane equipment for sale, which you can buy completely safely thanks to our revolutionary online payment method and protected shipping between individuals. Sounds Market is the platform specialized in buying and selling second-hand DJ equipment, so don't trust other platforms that don't offer you our peace of mind and shipping guarantee! , in addition to our 24/7 support with personalized attention and transfer of DJ software licenses between individuals! When you buy DJ Rane equipment at Sounds Market, we send it safely to your home so that you can test and validate it in person without worry (if it is not correct, we will refund your money, so there is no need to worry). From the other side of the coin, selling, for example, a second-hand Rane mixer in Sounds Market is one of the easiest and safest: you can publish your ad in a matter of a few minutes, when someone buys it from you, we We will take care of managing the entire shipment, and later we will deposit the money into your bank account without charging commission. Sounds Market is the safest and best valued second-hand page according to our customers for a reason!

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Rane is a company founded in Washington (USA) that produces high quality and performance DJ equipment. Among them we find models as outstanding as the celebrated and exclusive mixer with rotary knobs and four analog inputs Rane MP2015, and also other mixer models such as the Rane Sixty Four (4 channels, compatible with Serato), Rane Sixty Two (2 channels, also for Serato), or the Rane Seventy and Rane Seventy Two MK2 battle mixers. The motorized control platter Rane Twelve Mk2, the Rane Serato Scratch Live SL 4 vinyl interface and, of course, the Rane One controller, which includes 7” motorized turntables. Whatever Rane gear you're interested in, buy it cheaper second-hand at Sounds Market, the site specializing in DJ gear buying and selling!

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