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Features and opinions of the Pioneer DJ PLX 500

The Pioneer PLX-500 is a direct drive DJ turntable that does not require an external amplifier to be used, either for DJing or listening to music. They are quality turntables, with an analog, clear and warm sound (what is expected from a vinyl) that inherit characteristics and design from their older brother, the professional Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable. Its direct drive motor makes this turntable an ideal tool for scratching, and it also allows you to easily make a digital recording, as the PLX-500 is very easy to connect to DDJ or CDJ controllers via USB. In short, it is an ideal turntable for those DJs who are entering the world of vinyl, both for its features and its price, and consequently its good value for money. And if you want to enter the world of vinyl mixing, what less than to do it with Pioneer DJ, a leading brand in the sector. In addition, there is both the PLX-500 version in black, as well as the PLX-500 in white; choose the one you like best and best match your DJ set or home studio!

Buy the Pioneer PLX 500 second hand

If you have already decided to buy a Pioneer PLX500, or a pair of Pioneer PLX 500, you should know that thanks to Sounds Market they can be much cheaper. Why? Because at Sounds Market you can buy second-hand Pioneer PLX 500s, completely safely and very comfortably: without leaving your home. That's right, once you have bought your second-hand PLX-500 on our website, we will send them to your home in a very safe way so that the decks are well protected during transport, and once you receive them you can try them. If there is any damage to the advertisement published by the seller, we will refund your money! If, on the other hand, you want to make a leap in quality to your studio (or simply gain space in your room) and sell your second-hand Pioneer PLX 500, upload your ad now on Sounds Market, which is free and very quick to do; when you sell them, we manage the shipment, and we will not charge you any commission.

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