Secondhand Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4

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Buy second-hand Pioneer DDJ FLX4 controller

The new Pioneer DJ controller arrives at Sounds Market, so you can buy it at the best price, with secure payment and home delivery. The DDJ-FLX4 inherits design features from the DDJ-400, which, coupled with its affordable price, is the perfect controller that will make it easy for any DJ to get started. this world of electronic music. Currently it can be used with Rekordbox and later also from the Android and iOS device itself. With the DDJ FLX4 it will be very easy for you to start DJing, even if you are a beginner, since it has a very intuitive design so it will be very easy for you to orient yourself as was the case with the DDJ FLX6.

Why choose the DDJ FLX4 and not other DJ controllers?

At Sounds Market we help you buy your second-hand DJ controller in the safest, fastest and cheapest way, from the Pioneer DJ brand or from any other. We manage secure payment, door-to-door shipping, we advise the seller on how to pack the controller, we help you transfer any type of license (Rekordbox DJ or Serato DJ Pro) and warranty. With Sounds Market it is easier and safer to buy second-hand than with other buying and selling platforms. If you are starting out in the DJ world, the Pioneer DDJ FLX4 controller is one of the best options today. In Sounds Market you can also find it second-hand and at the best price. You can buy it from another private user, you just have to send them a purchase offer and when they accept it, we pick it up and bring it to your home. We also manage the transfer of licenses for Rekordbox, Serato, Engine Prime...

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