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The Pioneer DJ CDJ 3000 is probably the most-advanced DJ player in the market. It’s a professional DJ player launched by Pioneer in 2020 and considered by Pioneer as the evolution of the CDJ-2000 Nexus 2, the standard DJ player model for professional DJ cabins in most clubs and professional DJ studios all around the world.

It perfectly matches with DJ mixers Pioneer DJ DJM 900 Nexus 2 (4 channels) and Pioneer DJ V10 (6 channels). If you are looking for any of those mixers or for a CDJ 3000, on Sounds Market you can find it at the lowest price of the market. Why? Because we are the specialized secondhand marketplace for DJ gear of any kind: from two-channel DJ consoles for beginners (like the Pioneer DDJ 400), to all-in-one DJ controllers (like the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3) to professional DJ cabins composed by DJ players like the CDJ-2000 or CDJ-3000.

Use our totally safe payment and shipping method to buy and sell online on Sounds Market, we are rated as the best second-hand marketplace on Trustpilot! Once you’ve bought a pair of CDJ 3000 on Sounds Market, we’ll send them to your place so you can test if everything is working properly according to the listing; if not, we’ll refund you!

Second hand DJ player Pioneer DJ CDJ 3000

With a big touch-screen, a smooth jog-wheel… and the most advanced technology, Pioneer DJ assure you the best feelings when mixing with his CDJ-3000. Its price, however, is quite expensive for most of us.

But now you can find it for a more affordable price on Sounds Market! We are a community of thousands of DJ, producers and musicians around Europe, join us now and start buying and selling second-hand DJ equipment in the specialized marketplace for DJ and musicians!

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