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If we talk about DJ equipment, it is clear that Pioneer is the reference brand without a doubt. And if we talk about controllers, the SX series that began its journey in 2012 is one of the immovable references. Within this range, 3 models have already been designed: the DDJ SX, the DDJ SX2 and the DDJ SX3, launched in 2018. The SX3 stands out compared to previous models for its especially functional design in the case of doing a B2B between 2 DJs, since it incorporates two sound cards. This can also be useful in the case of a set change as you can change the source without cutting the music. In addition, the Pioneer DJ DDJ SX3 has 3 microphone inputs, two of them combo jack or XLR. Also new to this SX-series model is Sound Color FX, something previously only found on the Pioneer DJM and DDJ 1000. If you're looking for a complete, easy-to-use, and affordable Serato controller, the DDJ Pioneer's SX3 is one of the better options.

Pioneer DJ DDJ SX3, a top-selling controller on Sounds Market

At Sounds Market, the leading website for buying and selling musical instruments and DJ equipment in Spain, you can find the best deals from Pioneer, including of course the DDJ SX series with its 2018 model, the DDJ SX3. You can find the best Pioneer controllers on the market second-hand on our website, with the guarantee provided by our secure payment system between individuals, our specialized shipping system for DJ instruments and equipment, and the personalized monitoring of each sale by the team at Sounds Market experts, who will help you answer any questions and advise you if you need help deciding on the best option. The second-hand market is on the rise and is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly model than traditional business. Why not give a DJ controller that is in mint condition a second life? Even more so if it is a Pioneer controller, a brand that guarantees exceptional reliability and performance. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned for news on second-hand Pioneer controllers.

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