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brand new pioneer xdj xz Pioneer XDJ XZ. The most advanced Pioneer controller The Pioneer Dj XDJ-XZ model is established as a benchmark in the Dj Controllers sector, which provides everything you can imagine for a mixing professional. Its construction is robust as well as light, with the distinctive touch of the firm in its design and it is very easy to transport. Thanks to its numerous functions it allows you to take creativity to the next level. It has a fantastic three-band equalizer integrated into each of the channels, which makes mixing perfect. Includes free Rekordbox license. The precision when using it is sublime, since it has 0 latency and you can configure the touch sensitivity of some key points of the controller. Main Features It is a 2+2 device, this means that the integrated mixer has 4 channels. Two for use with Pendrives and another two for external sources such as CDJ's or vinyl. Going back to the mixer, it's the same as the iconic Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2 console and its great effects. Pioneer gives us the possibility of being used with both Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ. It is also compatible with DVS. It also features the same jog as the NXS2 series, very similar to the Pioneer DDJ-1000. In the center we can see useful information such as the spectrum, BPM's, Hot Cues, etc. The screen integrated into the controller is 7" in size with a good color range. Another very interesting point is the integration of the 16 pads, which allow you to create beats with your hands, cues and other effects. This Pioneer Dj controller comes with improvements as a result of the requests of its users and has incorporated 2 RJ45 ports, which accepts the connection of 2 CDJ's through the Pro Dj Link protocol. What allows linking to the two external channels any device equipped with this technology. On the screen you can locate tracks from USB devices to any of the external devices. As for the connections, it comes with the ability to connect, as we have mentioned, Pro Dj Link, 2 Master outputs, 1 XLR, 1 RCA, 2 Line, 2 Phono, 1 Jack Send output, 2 microphone inputs and a balanced output Booth. The best of this controller It has a 7-inch LCD touch screen, along with a color screen on each On Jog Wheel that allows viewing of the most relevant information for each track so users can focus on their performance. It allows USB removable drives with tracks analyzed in rekordbox to be connected, as well as the computer to be used as a controller. The Pioneer DJ XDJ XZ offers the possibility of making connections of samplers, turntables, players, smartphones, among others, to channels 3 and 4. On the master output and microphone inputs, this player has a 3-band equalizer that allows you to easily fine-tune the overall equalization of the sound in order to optimize it for the environment in which you perform and make the sound clear. The Pioneer DJ XDJ XZ comes with a Feedback Reducer function that automatically reduces any feedback sounds that have been accidentally caused by the microphone. Specifications: 4 channels 3 USB inputs, 2 on the top for USB devices (one can be used for recording) and a third for connecting your laptop and using the XZ in controller mode 16 multicolored Performance Pads, 8 per deck Feedback Reducer function to reduce microphone feedback Robust and high quality design to withstand the rigors of the cabin that has handles for easy transport and setup.
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