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Wave Eight and second-hand speakers

Buying second-hand speakers saves money and is the most sustainable way to get a sound system. Wave Eight is an 8-inch portable speaker for DJs. According to AlphaTheta, this ultra-low latency technology transmits audio much faster than a Bluetooth connection. Only a fraction of a second has to pass between pressing the play button on the platform and hearing the song through the speakers. This connection works via 2.4 GHz radio with a transmitter. If necessary, you can take the transmitter out of the WAVE EIGHT's storage compartment and connect it to DJ equipment wirelessly. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of speakers or a single one, you can create your own complete sound system with low-priced used parts from the best brands: Mackie, DAS, Behringer, BOSE, JBL, Yamaha.

Buy Alphatheta Wave Eight speakers cheaper at Sounds Market

These speakers have the best value for money, as we have a wide range of second-hand speakers available. Buy and sell second-hand speakers safely at Sounds Market, part of the Pioneer DJ group. With our secure payment method, returns are possible. Shipping between buyer and seller is integrated for convenience. After receiving the speaker, the buyer has up to two days to check its condition. Buying a new Wave Eight means spending £829.49, when you can find it used at cheaper prices on our site. Join Sounds Market now, create your profile to buy speakers or post your ad to sell them.

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