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Second-hand Alphatheta Omnis Duo DJ

The all-in-one controller Alphatheta Omnis Duo is available at the best price on Sounds Market. It belongs to the great Pioneer DJ brand. Compact and light, it should fit into a backpack, even if it is a bit bigger than usual. With Bluetooth for audio output, battery operation, 2-deck configuration with mixer and touchscreen, you should be able to use it anywhere. The Omnis Duo also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Its performance is sufficient for about 5 hours of operation. If your goal is to learn to scratch and you don't mind taking it with you, you should choose the Omnis Duo; the system is compatible with Rekordbox DJ software and Serato. The Omnis Duo's retail price from new is €1599.

What to know before buying an Omnis Duo from Alphatheta

If you are considering buying a used Omnis Duo, there are several aspects and features of the ad that you need to know. It is very important to read the ad description to find out what condition the controller is in, what extras are included and whether it has software licences. Once you have found the Omnis Duo at the best price, you need to send a purchase offer to the seller and wait for it to be accepted. Once accepted, you can make the payment through our secure payment system. The money will be held until you receive the product and check that everything is working properly. If you find that something does not work, you can return the product and we will refund your money. Regarding the packaging of the product, we will personally advise the seller on how to package the product.

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