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Second-hand Akai music equipment for sale

Buy all second-hand Akai brand instruments and studio equipment with complete peace of mind much cheaper than new. Akai is a Japanese brand well known to all music producers. In fact, the Akai division dedicated to the manufacture and sale of electronic musical instruments is called Akai Professional, and was created in 1984. Since its inception, Akai has been widely recognized for synthesizers and sequencers such as the MPC series, a line of drum machines (groovebox) , where the Akai MPC 3000 especially stands out. Today, some of the most popular models of the Japanese brand are the Akai MPC One or the Akai Force, and among its most accessible products we also find two of its top sellers such as the Akai APC 40 Mk2 (it also has its Akai APC Mini version) and, of course, the best-selling midi keyboard in the world, the small Akai MPK Mini, with only 25 keys and less than 1 Kg of weight.

Buy online used Akai keyboards and grooveboxes

Whatever Akai equipment you are interested in (MPC Live, MPC One, MPK Mini , Akai APC 40…), it is best to buy it second hand. Why? Very simple: it's cheaper, you contribute to the environment by giving a second life to another product instead of having to manufacture a new one and, thanks to platforms specialized in buying and selling music production equipment such as Sounds Market, you can do it completely safe and very comfortable. It is no coincidence that Sounds Market is the most highly rated trading platform by its customers. Specialization, professionalism, shipments adapted to very fragile packages such as a second-hand Akai MPC, and software license transfer management make Sounds Market the ideal place to buy or sell, for example, a second-hand Akai midi keyboard. Don't think twice, take a leap in quality in your studio and buy your next Akai on the specialized buying and selling platform for musicians, producers and DJs.

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