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If you want to buy an Akai stand-alone music production center from the MPC series such as the Akai MPC Live 2 or the Akai One, you can find it much cheaper at Sounds Market, the Safe and trusted second-hand page among private musicians and producers. Get now a second-hand Akai MPC One on the best valued sale page. We'll send it to your home so you can try it out, and you'll have the ability to request a return if your Akai MPC is faulty or not working properly as described by the seller. To sell a second-hand Akai MPC, you simply have to register on Sounds Market and publish your ad (it's very quick and easy, you'll see!), which we will take care of showing it to other music producers interested in buying it from you, and when do, we will take care of sending it to you and we will not charge you any commission for the sale of your Akai.

Used Akai MPC grooveboxes for sale

Within Akai's series of standalone MPC production systems, the cheapest and most compact of all of them is the MPC One, which has 16 small pads, a 7” screen and a USB port, among other features. On the other hand, the Akai MPC Live II is somewhat larger in size. It also has a 7-inch screen and 16 pads, but in this case they are larger, it has more storage and two USB inputs. If we go to the top of the range we find the Akai MPC X, the natural evolution of the complete Akai MPC 2000 that can still be found second-hand. The MPC X is larger, also has the 7” screen and 16 large pads (plus many more buttons and features)... in short, practically a portable production studio. Whichever Akai MPC you prefer, it is high-quality equipment and consequently high in cost, so it is very interesting to be able to buy it cheaper second-hand on a page that offers you the security and confidence of Sounds Market.

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