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Differences between Korg Volca Sample, Volca Beats, Volca FM, Volca Drum, Volca Bass and Volca Keys

The Korg Volca are a series of small synthesizers and rhythm machines, which can work independently or in combination. They have several models, whose main characteristics are the following: The Korg Volca Sample V2, the second generation of this popular sampler, is a very powerful rhythmic unit that, compared to its first version, incorporates USB connectivity, more memory and more sounds. It features an 8-voice polyphony engine, reverb and filter, and is ideal for both studio and live use. The Korg Volca Beats is an analog drum machine that features six of the most iconic sounds such as kick, snare, bass and treble toms, and cymbals (open and closed). It has a series of parameters with which you can easily create the drum sound you are looking for. The Korg Volca FM is a three-voice FM digital synthesizer with a 16-step sequencer and a host of features for powerful percussive rhythms. The Korg Volca Drum is a drum machine with drum sounds achieved with DSP-driven analog modeling and displayed in oscillator waveforms. By changing these waves, a myriad of different percussion sounds can be achieved. It also has a 16-step sequencer, ideal for improvisation. The Korg Volca Keys is a 27-key polyphonic analog synthesizer that, despite its small size and apparent simplicity, is capable of generating a very powerful sound. The Korg Volca Kick is, as its name suggests, an analog kick drum generator, with a powerful circuit based on the filter of the Korg MS-20 synthesizer. The Korg Volca Modular is a semi-modular synthesizer with separate analog synth, digital effects, and sequencer modules. It also has a 16-step sequencer and a wide range of functions. The Korg Volca Nubass is an analog valve synthesizer. It is a bass synthesizer that bases its sound on the tube oscillator, and offers powerful acid bass.

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