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Second-hand Korg Microkorg for sale

The Microkorg is a synthesizer from Korg that, as its name implies, has a compact design. But far from being fooled by appearances, inside this little synthesizer is a really powerful synthesizer, very easy and fun to play and capable of satisfying beginners as well as more experienced musicians or producers. The Korg MicroKorg is a synthesizer that features an analog modeling sound engine, a powerful oscillator, EG and LFO, vocoder (includes a mini micro for it), a wide variety of effects and arpeggiator, all encompassed in an attractive design with a vintage touch and with 37 small-sized keys.

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If you are thinking of buying the Korg Microkorg, you should consider the option of buying it cheaper on the second-hand market, since you'll find it for a lower price and you will also be contributing to the environment with a much more responsible consumption model than buying new, as you'll be giving a second life to this musical instrument. And when it comes to buying a second-hand Microkorg, do it on the specialized platform for musicians, producers and DJs of any kind. Sounds Market is the second-hand website best valued by its customers, in addition to being the safest, something essential both when paying and when sending a second-hand synthesizer hand. At Sounds Market, the buyer can test the Korg Microkorg at home once they receive it, and if it does not work properly or is not in the condition described by the seller, they can make a return. Plus, selling a second-hand Korg Microkorg on Sounds Market is super easy and quick, and there's no sales commission. So don't think twice, and add to your music production studio the piece that you were missing and that you were looking for, the Korg Microkorg synthesizer.

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