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Second-hand Korg Electribe for sale

If you want to buy a Korg Electribe music production sampler, find it much cheaper at Sounds Market by buying it second-hand with our secure purchase and secure shipping method; Once you have bought your second-hand Electribe, we will send it to your home so that you can test it and, if unfortunately there is any damage and/or it is not in the condition described by the seller, do not worry, we will refund your money. . There's no better way to buy a Korg Electribe than at Sounds Market, and the same goes for selling your second-hand Korg Electribe. In a matter of minutes you can publish your ad on our website, which is very easy and fast, and we will take care of managing the shipment to the buyer and we will not charge you any commission for selling your sampler Korg on Sounds Market. So don't hesitate and start renewing your music production equipment, whether for studio or live, from the leading second-hand platform and best valued by its customers: Sounds Market.

Buy online a used Korg Electribe

The Korg Electribe is a sampler, that is, a tool to produce music with which to build rhythms from samples. It allows editing and has modulation and a series of effects that are very easy to control through the knobs of the Korg Electribe. It allows you to work at very high speed, it can be easily integrated with Ableton Live and, compared to previous versions, the Korg Electribe 2 has the long-awaited and acclaimed pattern chain function, ideal for live performances or productions in the studio. There are currently two versions of the Korg Electribe 2, red in color and blue in color. Choose the one you like the most, but buy it second hand at Sounds Market, it will be much cheaper and totally safe!

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