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AKAI Force Stand-alone AKAI Force music production system in very good condition. Purchased in 2021 and used very little. Complete set with box. - Stand-alone device - no computer required - 7" full color multi-touch screen - 8x8 launch matrix via backlit pads - 8 encoders - Automatic BPM detection, time stretch and pitch shift in real time - Diferences performance modes, including MPC-16, Note, Smart Scales and Smart Chords - Mic/instrument/line inputs, 4 outputs - Integrated storage of 16 GB (more than 10 GB with sounds included) - Connector for 2.5" SATA expandable drive (SSD or HDD) -MIDI In/Out/Thru - 2GB of RAM - SD memory card slot - 2 USB A 3.0 ports for external USB drives or MIDI controllers - Support for Ableton Link and WiFi - MIDI Learn Global function that allows the software to be controlled by external MIDI controllers, be they keyboards, or controllers - MIDI Learn project function that allows you to control parameters such as volume, pan, etc. - Humanize function that allows you to randomly assign the time or speed of MIDI events - Allows loading our projects from the home page - New highly innovative launch and note mode that allows simultaneous use of note mode while launching clips from individual and split pads - New effect plugins: Mother Ducker Input and Mother Ducker - Allows loading FLAC and OGG files - Improved preview of samples and loops in the browser, so that samples are now shown with tempo information and are synchronized with the master BPM - Automation in Grid mode for editing and viewing automations in the clip event/region editors - Step automation in the step sequencer - Function to export all clips or export on Force projectors to audio, MIDI or MPC pattern files - Improvements in Matrix mode for copy, paste, create, and delete clips - Function to turn keygroup into a Drum track - Improved external keyboard support for selected scales in Force - New Mono Lanes step sequencer mode, ideal for melodies and bass lines - Support for up to 8 submixes in the mixer window - Force now works as an audio interface in Computer mode - New user touch templates for Akai vintage effects - Arranger Mode -MIDI Multi, Macro - Arranger mode for completion of

Second-hand Korg synthesizers and pianos for sale

All second-hand Korg pianos and synthesizers at Sounds Market, the specialized marketplace for musicians, DJs and producers to buy and sell among themselves in a safe and professional way. Buy a second-hand Korg at Sounds Market, we'll send it to your home and try it calmly at home, that if something isn't right, you can ask for a refund of your money. So easy and safe! Buying a second-hand Korg through Sounds Market is therefore cheaper than buying new, and safer than buying on other platforms. But it is also that, when buying second-hand, you are contributing to the environment with a much more sustainable consumption model than buying a new Korg from a store. Everything is advantages!

Buy online used Korg audio equipment and musical instruments

Korg is a Japanese brand closely linked to other brands such as Yamaha or Vox amplifiers. Korg primarily manufactures and distributes electronic musical instruments, audio processors, recording equipment, pedals, and guitar tuners. What guitarist hasn't owned a Korg brand tuner? Some of their most popular instruments are the Korg Minilogue or Minilogue XD, a polyphonic analog synthesizer with a very good quality/price ratio, which has its monophonic variant in the Korg Monologue . But it is that Korg has many other very reputable synthesizers, such as the Korg MS-20 or the Microkorg. Other well-known Korg instruments include the Korg B2 electronic piano or the Korg Kronos, both of which you can buy second-hand at Sounds Market. We cannot fail to mention other Korg products such as the Electribe or the small Korg Volca (Volca Beats, Volca Sample, Volca FM…), both well known among the community of music producers around the world. Whether you are interested in buying a Korg at the best price, or if you want to sell your second-hand Korg, Sounds Market is the ideal place to do it.

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