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Buy now a cheaper second-hand analog monophonic Korg Monologue synthesizer at Sounds Market. If you buy your Korg Monologue from Sounds Market, it will not only be much cheaper than buying it new, but it will also be safer than buying it from other second-hand platforms. Why? Because we are the leading second-hand page for musicians, DJs and producers, as well as being the best valued buying and selling platform for its customers. Once you buy your second-hand Monologue at Sounds Market, we will send it to your home so you can test it, and if there is any flaw regarding the information given by the seller, you can rest assured, because we will refund your money. Safer, impossible! If what you want is to sell your second-hand Korg Monologue, publish it now for sale on our website: it will only take a few minutes, and we will take care of managing the shipment and secure payment to your bank account, without charging commission! !

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It is an ideal analog synthesizer to produce incredible monophonic sounds and sequences, with 100 program memories and 80 presets and a 16-step sequencer, and thanks to the oscilloscope you can visualize the sound waveform in real time. It has a robust and elegant design, as well as compact, since it is a 25-key synthesizer. Without a doubt, the Monologue is an acclaimed and popular synthesizer, one of Korg's best sellers, which you can also buy in different colors: silver, black, blue, red, gold... It is the little brother of other well-known synthesizers, which instead of being monophonic are polyphonic, such as the Korg Minilogue, the Minilogue XD or the Korg Prologue 8 and Prologue 16 . Whatever second-hand Korg Monologue you want, buy it cheaper and with complete peace of mind at Sounds Market.

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