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Korg has always been a leading brand when it comes to synthesizers and digital pianos intended for both music production and live music. The case of the Korg Kronos is another proof of this, available in versions of 88, 73 and 61 keys, all of them with natural touch, weighted and with good sensitivity. It stands out for its 9 sound generators, capable of emulating pianos as well as synthesizing and modeling. Its polyphonic system is capable of reproducing up to 200 notes in stereo or 400 in mono, it incorporates a wide variety of multisamples and drum samples, a multitude of effects and presets as well as expansion libraries so that you have all kinds of sounds at your disposal. If we add to this its 3-band equalizer, its advanced vector synthesis function and its recording system, we have one of the most complete keyboards on the market. Its versatility, sound quality and variety of functions, voices and styles make it a very interesting option, especially for music production.

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When it comes to connectivity, the Korg Kronos is also the most complete, since it has everything you need to work both in music production and in live shows. Its different ports range from balanced jack inputs and outputs to 2 USB type A inputs, including, of course, MIDI connection, headphone output, the possibility of connecting a qwerty keyboard and even connecting a second SSD hard drive. If you need a good quality keyboard, either to play live or to produce songs, the Korg Kronos is one of the most recommended options. You can buy a second-hand Korg Kronos through the Sounds Market website, the specialized buying and selling platform for musicians best valued by users in Spain. We have a totally secure payment method between individuals, a delivery system specially adapted for second-hand synthesizers, other musical instruments and DJ equipment, as well as a customer service 24 hours a day always attentive to solve any doubt or problem that may arise during the purchase process. Do not hesitate and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest second-hand news.

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